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Up and Away: National Hot Air Balloon Day

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There seems to be a day for everything, and today is no exception. June 5th is Hot Air Balloon Day. Those colorful giants in the sky date back to the late 1700’s.
Now, you can spot thousands at festivals across the world. Even though you may have seen them, you might know how exactly how they work.
Last year, we caught up with balloon pilot Keith Berry. The owner of  ‘Highly Cool,’ explained the mechanics behind the balloons.

“The principle behind hot air balloons is basic physics,” Berry said.
“Hot air rises, and whenever you heat the air inside the balloon itself, the balloon creates lift and it will lift whatever is underneath it.  The hot air balloon consist of three parts. You have the  basket thats the part that people climb into and ride in. You have the  burners and thats the piece that heats the air inside the balloon. Then you have the balloon part itself which is called the envelope.  That’s the pretty colorful piece that you see.”


Ready to take a ride? You can enjoy the beauty of these balloons at Plano Balloon Festival in September.

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