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Retired Farmer Drives Tractor Across the U.S. For Wounded Vets

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Retired Farmer Drives Tractor Across the U.S. For Wounded Vets

SILVIS, IL–There’s been a lot of talk about wounded vets in the news lately, as the black cloud of the recent VA scandal hangs over the country.

But there are a lot of people out there who want to help vets: like a retired farmer, on a cross-country mission to help soldiers coming home… one mile at a time.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Ivan Stolzfus is driving his 1948 John Deere tractor across America.

“I’m going across America for the wounded warriors,’ he said. ‘I’m hoping to raise a million dollars.”

Taking all back roads on his way to Creston City, California, Stolzfus is taking his time… he has to.

“I keep it around 14 or 15,’ he said. ‘I don’t want to get the rpm’s up too high.”

Sometimes traveling just 40 miles a day, Stolzfus makes sure he gets in plenty of time to stop and meet soldiers.

One wounded veteran even gave him his purple heart to ride shotgun on the journey.

“It inspires me just to keep on going, don’t matter how difficult the times get,’ he said.

Inspired? You can donate and track Stolzfus’ progress on his website,

And you can bet this guy will keep going until he hits the ocean.

“It’s not about me going across in a weird-looking tractor and a camper, it’s about the cause,’ he said. ‘For the wounded warriors who paid the ultimate price that we can be free. That’s what it`s all about.”

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