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Illinois Mother Fakes Cancer for Two Years

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Illinois Mother Fakes Cancer for Two Years

BELLEVILLE, IL- Thirty one year-old Alissa Jackson was hauled off by cops recently, accused of faking cancer for more than two years.

That’s right. For two years, Jackson allegedly fooled an entire community, her friends and even her kids into thinking that she was seriously sick.

“Her kids were told that their mom was dying of cancer, they were told that daily,” a friend, Jen, said.

Friends say Jackson’s story eventually began to fall apart, noticing serious inconsistencies in things she told them. When they realized they were being duped, they turned her in.

“Ultimately it was the children, they needed to know, they deserved the truth,’ Jen said.

And cops say her deceit doesn’t stop there — they say people from around the world donated at least $30,000 to Alissa’s Army.

“The fact that this individual preyed on the good nature of our community is absolutely disgusting in my opinion and pure evil,’ Sergeant Mark Heffernan of the Belleville Police said.


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