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German Roller Coaster Riders Take On Texas Giant

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ARLINGTON- Roller coaster junkies unite! Well, at least we think that`s what these ride enthusiasts from Germany were saying as they took on the Texas Giant at Six Flags in Arlington.

This group of more than 50-thrillseekers love terrifying turns, shocking speeds, and dramatic drops.

The Freundes Kreiskirmes und Freizeitparks,  we’ll call them the FKF,  are currently on day six of fifteen, of their Texas thrill country tour.

“The track is very smooth, very fast so I think it`s a good idea to remodel it,” roller coaster enthusiastUwe Giewing said.

Since these guys ride coasters all over the world, it begs the question, who has the biggest and baddest of them all?

“This is Texas, everything is bigger in Texas,” FKF organizer Tim Herre said.

“No, no, your coasters are scarier, your coasters are scarier,” he said.

Hey, remember the YouTube video of a grandma’s first roller coaster ride? Maybe she’ll want to join the roller coaster tour!

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