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Emergency Situation: Some First Responders Subjected to Disgruntled Drivers

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911 – looks like we have an emergency!

This time, it appears the ones in need of a rescue, are the first responders themselves.

“Out on the highway, it’s unpredictable,” Irving Fire Department Assistant Chief Rusty Wilson said.

“You’re subject to everyone else, and there are people driving by us many times – trying to get snap shots or even film the incident that we’re working, or they’re texting and not paying attention to their driving.”

Accidents on the highway are dangerous enough. Now, add disgruntled and distracted drivers to the mix.

“There’s been many instances we have an apparatus that was struck from behind,” Asst. Chief Wilson explained. “We had one struck just the other night.”

In a recent Facebook post, one firefighter, working an accident scene noted:

“I am still amazed at the number of people that still speed, cut others off, almost hit the apparatus… give the dirty looks, get mad, yell…”

“A lot of times, with all that traffic, it’s just high-stress,” Wilson said. “Sometimes, that stress does get taken out on our first responders.”

So, Wilson is sounding the alarm, asking for patience the next time you’re driven to act out at an accident scene.

“To those that come around, and give the obscene gestures, or speak obscenities to us – we’re just there trying to do our job. They have to remember, it maybe them next time.”

Remember folks, they get the right of way; no one wants another accident on the road.


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