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Big Tex Leads In Quirkiest Landmark Contest

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DALLAS- There’s a lot of things to boast about if you’re from Texas! We’ve got Whataburger, football, hey, we’ve got Chuck Norris for crying out loud!

But soon, we might have bragging rights on something  quirky.

Hold on to your britches, USA Today is running  a ’20 Best Quirky Landmarks’ in the U.S. contest.

Guess who’s at the top of that list so far? Yep, Dallas’ Big Tex is on fire! Oh, too soon?

Well, this colossal cowboy is something we take pretty seriously here in Dallas, quirky or not.

Competition beware! You’ve got some big cowboy boots to fill.

Hey, all kidding aside, Texas has some pretty quirky contenders. Also on the list: Houston’s Beer Can House, you know, that house covered in more than 50,000 beer cans!

We can’t forget about the Prada Marfa sculpture, and good ol’ Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.

So how do we secure a big win with Big Tex? You gotta go vote! The contest ends June 23rd.

Hey , you know what they say, vote early and often!

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