Two 12 Year-Olds Stab Friend 19 Times—Allegedly Over Online Character

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Two 12 Year-Olds Stab Friend 19 Times—Allegedly Over Online Character


WAUKESHA, WI- Shock over a grim crime coming out of Wisconsin.

Two 12 year-old girls are accused of stabbing one of their friends of the same age 19 times.

The victim survived and is in stable condition.

And you won’t believe the alleged motive.

“Both suspects had a fascination with a fictitious character that often posted to a website that is a collection of small stories about death and horror,’ Russell P. Jack, Waukesha`s Chief of Police, said.

That’s right, according to reports, the girls stabbed their friend– almost fatally– over an online mythological character called Slender Man. They even planned to run away to the demon’s “forest mansion.”

Police say they invited the girl to a slumber party, then, the next day, lured her into a wooded park where they stabbed her. She was miraculously able to crawl to the side of the road where a passing cyclist found her.

Now, cops have charged both girls with attempted first-degree intentional murder and they’ll stand trial as adults.

“I recognize the young age, but it’s still unbelievable,” Thomas Pieper, the Waukesha court commissioner said.


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