Police Release 911 Call from Pilot Who Swallowed Cocaine

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Just another chapter in the life and hard times of captain cocaine.

Yeah, we’re talkin’ Stanley Hill again. He’s the pilot from McKinney who admitted to swallowing 62 bags of cocaine before boarding a flight from Colombia to Houston. The good news: he wasn’t flying the plane, but he was wearing his pilot uniform. Well, now the 911 call he made from his Houston hotel room after landing is out. It is nine… minutes… long.

Here are some excerpts:

Operator: “9-1-1 what is your emergency?”
Hill: “I swallowed packets of cocaine and one burst.”

Hill: “Oh, my life is totally ruined now. Wow.”
Operator: “Do you know what caused you to swallow the packets?”
Hill: “To make money.

In the call, he’s also convinced he’s about to see the white light, but maybe he was just blinded by all the white powder.

Operator: “How are you feeling?”
Hill: Uhhh, not good.”

This guy is in some serious trouble, facing a federal smuggling charge.

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