Johnny Manziel helps swoon RNC in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND, OH – The Republic National Committee is making its way to Dallas next week, but they’ve already gotten a taste of Texas.

One of the cities the committee has in its final four to host the 2016 Republican National Convention is Cleveland. And it’s not hard to guess who was center stage to help seduce officials during their visit. That’s right, Johnny Manziel.

Mr. “Johnny Football” and other Cleveland Browns rookies were there to swoon and boast about the city, and the schmoozing was in full force.

There’s no doubt The Heisman hunk, who got pretty ‘buddy buddy’ with some big time politicos, was the focal point. And, a day later, a judge threw out the $25 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Manziel. But if you think that sounds fishy, think again. That lawsuit turned out to be bogus.

Dallas just hopes the same can be said for Manziel’s impact with the RNC.

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