Open Carry Tarrant County Under Investigation

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS- North Richland Hills police are investigating the group Open Carry Tarrant County. Over the weekend, the organization held a rally on the 6500 block of Precinct Line. The group advocates awareness about Texas gun laws. Yet, the practice in question was not the event itself, rather a raffle that took place during the rally.

Organizers took donations from attendees and raffled off black powder revolvers and ammunition as prizes. Police said they warned the group, prior to the event, that was a violation of the state’s gambling law. Yet, the raffle went off with a bang!

Well, guess what? Raffles are a no-no in Texas, unless you’re a non-profit organization.

Turns out, accepting money for a prize is classified as illegal gambling. So Open Carry is now looking at a Class A misdemeanor. That could mean up to a $4,000 fine, or a year in jail, maybe even both. Holy smokes!

While the rally went off without a hitch, the message was clear: you can’t change the law without obeying it first.

Hey, maybe their next rally should call for the legalization of raffle tickets?


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