Police Arrest Man Behind Braum’s Hidden Camera Incident

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Update: Grapevine Police arrested 64-year old Andrew Crawford Boden of Irving, and charged him with improper photography or video recording, a state felony. The arrest was made Monday, following several tips investigators received from the public.

Police say Boden planted a recording device, disguised as an outlet, at the Braum’s restaurant on 1300 S. Main Street. A restaurant employee discovered the device and contacted the police.

Pictures of Boden’s face appeared in the images captured by the device, making it easier for detectives to locate and identify him as a suspect.

Boden was released from jail, after posting a $2000 bond.

It’s hard to believe anything involving ice cream can be bad. Well, leave it to one man to melt that image.

You may remember the creeper that allegedly planted a camera in a Braum’s bathroom in Grapevine. Since the not-so-sweet discovery, police have identified him. This, after he accidentally took a picture of himself on the camera he planted.

One woman did fall victim to the scoop stunt. Police are trying to identify her.

As for the ‘peeping Braum,’ there’s no word on what will happen to him once he is found by police. However, it’s probably safe to say, he won’t be able to get a cone from the restaurant anymore.

How’s that for a cold shoulder?

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