Hidden Cash DFW Kicks Off; Donor Speaks Out

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We could all use some gas money right?  Maybe you’ll get lucky in the latest cash caper to come to Dallas.

Stacey Monroe is the face behind Hidden Cash DFW, and this 19-year-old is ‘dupli-cashing’ the hidden cash game that started in San Fransisco. You know, the one where a wealthy mystery donor tweets clues, and folks race around the city to find big bucks?

“I created the account, I had two followers, woke up had 100, and today I have five thousand and I`m almost at 6 thousand followers,” Monroe said.

The difference here is, Monroe is no millionaire.

“I just graduated from college.  A lot of people ask me, ‘How are you doing this, you’re unemployed.’ I feel like if you have a little extra, why not give back to the community, you know?”

“I’m really hoping that this motivates other people that aren’t millionaires to do the same thing that I`m doing,” Monroe added.

But when you’re not incognito, isn’t it tough to make a secret drop?

“Two females walked by.  They asked me, have you found any envelopes?  I was kind of in shock, like if I turn around and I ask them, are they going to know who I am? I turned around and I was like no, I haven’t found any envelopes, I’m looking as well.”

Smart move.  Monroe’s project is not a solo operation.

“I’m actually reaching out to businesses; if they’d be interested in sponsoring an envelope because at the same time, they’re helping out a resident and they’re helping themselves as a form of advertising,” Monroe said.

If you’re looking for a clue, take note.

“Come out to Victory Park and let’s start the cash hunt,” Monroe exclaimed.

Happy hunting!


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