Cash-Crazed Crowd Makes Dash for Stash at Victory Park

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DALLAS — Nothing brings out the masses like the promise of pocketing free cash.

“Thank you, Jesus!” Delisa Freeman shouted.

A money mob poured into Victory Park, Dallas, on Monday night. Everyone in attendance was hopeful for their own personal victory – to find an envelope filled with cash.

The cash-craze was the result of Hidden Money DFW – a spin-off of the event that started in San Francisco. The premise of this treasure hunt is simple: stash cash, tweet clues, make a run for the money.

And run…they did.

“I think it’s crazy – it’s generous and very nice, but this is crazy, this is insane!” participant Andrea Thompson said jokingly.

As the probing people looked in every direction, the not so hidden face of Hidden Cash DFW, Stacey Monroe, tweeted clues to the treasure.

Monroe, a 19-year old unemployed and recent graduate, said she was inspired to pay it forward. She donated $140 of her personal money. Two other sponsors stepped in and also donated to the cash cause.

Monroe said what started with one tweet, soliciting suggestions from the public as to where to hide the cash, turned into a an unexpected windfall of interest.

“I`m really hoping that this motivates other people that aren`t millionaires to do the same thing that I`m doing.”

Those lucky enough to find the bounty of bills, walked away a few bucks richer.

“I found $40 in here!” Freeman said cheerfully.

“I got $25 out of it – so that’s pretty good,” winner Clay Bransom said.

Well, they may not have hit the jackpot, but I guess they can add it up to a priceless experience.

“I knew it’d be a long shot, after seeing all these people, but I found it,” Bransom said.




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