‘Teens Drive Smart’ Program Comes to Arlington

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Arlington, TX – Driving can be one of the most freeing experiences in the world, and also one of the most dangerous; especially for young drivers.

Bridgestone tire company is treading the way to steer teens in the safe direction, with its ‘Teens Drive Smart’ program.

On Sunday, millennials were schooled by some of the best, including stunt drivers and drivers with test track experience.

The teens got some hands-on-wheel experience and learned to understand reaction times in emergency situations. It was an opportunity for them to grasp basic driving principles.

The most important lesson of the day: understanding distracted driving.

“I don’t really text and drive, I eat and drive,” teenager Barron Boyd said. “As a matter of fact I ate this morning and drove.”

“A lot of teens are losing their lives because of distracted driving,” Leslie Wilhite said. Wilhite is the communications manager of Bridgestone Americas. “They’re affecting other people’s live because of distracted driving. So, with our program, we want to do everything to reverse that trend.”

At the end of the road, safety is key.