Cowboys: Roger Staubach Speaks at Retired NFL Congress Summit

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ARLINGTON, Tx — Former football stars huddled-up in Arlington over the weekend. They weren’t in town to convert plays, rather to make plays.

The Retired NFL Congress Inc. is comprised of former pro players. The team of NFL exes is looking to tackle tough issues they face in post-game life. The lawsuit pertaining to concussion-related health problems, and the more recent lawsuit claiming players were pumped with pain killers and told to play through the pain, are just some of the issues the Congress discusses.

“Football is a tough game, and not using helmets as a weapon – I think they’re doing some good things to protect from injuries but if you play football – you’re still going to be at risk physically,” former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach said.

Staubach, a league legend, knows a few things about the hard-knock life. The NFL Hall of Famer admits he experienced six concussions in his Cowboys career.

“These were knockouts where I didn’t go back in the game, but they don’t benchmark them like they do today.”

Staubach spoke to the group in a closed-door session on Saturday.

“Mine’s kind of a fun talk, but also talking about some of the things you might have to lookout for – as far as moving into the business world.”

The Congress wants to ensure ex-players are covered – especially when it comes to pensions and health benefits. These players want to protect themselves, knowing the game of football is nothing compared to the game of life.