WW2 Vets Going Back To The Beach

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(Dallas, Texas) They were the greatest generation, and many of them gave their life to protect what was important to them.
“All of us felt that we just did our job. Did what we were called on to do,” World War II veteran George Speers said.
The images of what unfolded along the Normandy coast so many years ago, are hard to forget or even erase for those who shaped history on that ill-fated day that claimed 9,000 soldiers’ lives.
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of ‘D-Day,’ some veterans are heading back to the beach, this time with a different mission.
Robert Jacobs, a teacher at Allen ISD, is accompanying Speers on his journey.
“We are going to Normandy with some World War II Veterans involved in the activities there in 1944,” Jacobs said.
It’s a trip of a lifetime for Jacobs, but he said this trip isn’t about him, but for those brave men who fought for our country.
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