Plano Bar Under Fire For Domestic Violence Joke

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Bar Under Fire For Domestic Violence Joke

(Plano, TX) We have all told a bad joke or two in our lifetime, but most of us know when it`s in bad taste. Scruffy Duffies, a bar in Plano, did not think their joke was that bad when an employee wrote this joke on a chalkboard in the bar. ‘I like my beer like I like my violence…Domestic.’

Courtney Williams was out with friends when she saw the sign. “I went up to the bar and asked, ‘Who put this sign up? `I did.` ‘And I said, ‘Okay, can you take it down?'” Williams said.

That didn`t happen, so Williams did what anyone would do these days and posted the picture to Facebook. The picture went viral, and people were mad.

‘I think it`s in bad taste.’ Temisha Seraphin of Plano told us.

Alyssa Huber who works in Plano agreed, ‘That`s a sad thing to joke about because it impacts a lot of people around here.’

Williams doesn`t want anyone to get fired over this bad joke, but she does want there to be an open dialog about domestic violence. So, depending on what Scruffy Duffies does next, you might hear the joke about a bunch of angry people walking out of a bar.

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