NTTA Cracks Down On Toll Way Violators

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DALLAS-You`ve been warned! This week the NTTA is cracking down on drivers who have been zipping through the toll booths without paying up.

“The people who do pay tell us all the time that it`s only fair that everybody should pay,” said Michael Rey, Media Relations Manager of the North Texas Toll Way Authority.

That means you, Ronny Williams, with 14 thousand unpaid toll violations and you now 236,000 dollars in fees and fines. Hey Ronnie, whatever you do, don`t get on the toll way.

We got a look inside master control.

“It’s reading license plates in real time; we upload a habitual violator list and uploaded a list of 500 to begin with. What it does when it gets a detection on a plate out on the road, it will send an alert into the command center, the command center will dispatch that to troopers that are standing by,” said Marty Lege, Director of System & Incident Management at the NTTA. 

Sensors have been installed on 145 miles of Dallas toll ways. If you don`t have an active toll tag, snap! They`ll have a close up of your license plate. And for folks with 100 or more unpaid tolls, and the closest state trooper will be on your tail. First time, it’s a $500 fine, the 2nd time, it`s your car.

“These are many people who are taking thousands of free rides on the roadway, or what they thought was free, which will not turn out to be free,” said Rey.

“I know people should pay their tolls but, in the priority of things I think that’s something that a trooper doesn`t need to be bothered with really,” said Kelly Majors from McKinney.

No matter how you feel, it looks like it’s the end of the road for you bad boys.

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