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Kindergarteners Flash Back to 1950’s

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Kindergarteners Flash Back to 1950′SADDISION, Tx – Do sock hops and poodle skirts sound familiar? No, well what do you think kindergarteners at Trinity Christian Academy thought when they got a first-hand look at what it was like to grow up in the 50`s.

The reason behind the ‘flashback Friday’ is one thing: books!

‘We are celebrating all the reading that our children have chosen to do in our spare time,” kindergarten teacher Koie English said. “We told them at the beginning of the year that if they would choose to read around the clock that we would have a big rock around the clock celebration at the end of the year.”

The celebration isn’t just about the fact they read, rather it’s about the amount.

“Each class had to come together with their totals and read at least a thousand books at home and they all did that so we’re celebrating,” English said.

That’s a lot of Dr. Seuss!

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