What are you up to Memorial weekend?

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Are you packing up and going to the lake? Getting ready for hotdogs and burgers? We wanted to know what some of you were planning for memorial weekend. We went to the Food Truck Frenzy at Fair Park, to hear people’s plans.

Patrick and Elise had just bought some sliders and told us their weekend would involved relaxing and good food.

One couple, Joshua and Jill Johnson are in from Tyler, celebrating their 11 year anniversary this Memorial weekend. They planned to take in the Dallas sites while in town.

memorialdayFeatureKathleen told us she planned to spend her weekend house sitting for friends, but insists she’ll be eating all their food.

We asked a handful of people if they could tell us why we celebrate Memorial Day. A few joked that it was about the barbecue, but many knew the real reason.

“Memorial Day is where we remember all the past armed forces that have died for our country and served our country,” Carolyn Marino said. Mariano has many family members in the service.
Well however you celebrate the weekend, there is one thing to consider — it`s a “No Refusal” weekend. If you drink, don`t drive. Have a safe weekend honoring those who have sacrificed  so much.