Water Restrictions Extended Through Fall

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NORTH TEXAS- This just in: North Texas is running dry! Well, kind of,  with 13 cities under strict water restrictions,  the folks over at the North Texas Water District are asking residents to tighten up their belts and turn off their faucets.

Even the recent rains aren’t enough to break through drought levels.  Stage 3 water restrictions have been in place in North Texas since last summer, but with no h20 in sight, the water district has decided to extend the water wrap-up until October!

“Well I’m not happy about the water restrictions, but I understand the water restrictions. The one thing I’m not happy about is if they take it to stage four, it’s a death sentence for a nursery,” said Shelley Rosenfeld, owner of Plants & Planters.

So how bad is it? Well, let’s just say if this were the TSA we’d be in the red. Don’t worry, no strip searches or pat downs required here.

Residents will continue to be limited to watering their yards to just twice a month.

“So far we have been putting in drip systems for our flowers and our garden. The grass is probably gonna die if that’s the case,  it won’t make it through the summer if that’s the case,” said LeRoy Johnson.

So as the dog days of summer roll around lawns in North Texas might go from lush to wilting.

One thing is for sure, if we don’t see some rain soon, we’ll be eating sand.