Mother Attempts To Drown Daughters In Bathtub

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SOUTH OAK CLIFF- An Oak Cliff mom is behind bars at the Dallas County jail after she allegedly tried to drown her two daughters in a bathtub.

Sonja Gardner admitted she was high on marijuana laced with PCP when she tried to overpower her 4 and 6-year-old daughters. Maybe a bad batch of weed?

Hey we thought Mary Jane was supposed to keep things “feeling good”? Gardner’s rage was apparently triggered because her kids kept asking for snacks.

The girls’ screams alerted their 18- year-old brother, Jydesmon Gardner,  who raced to save his sisters. Neighbors say the teen carried the soaking wet girls out of the apartment to safety.

You’d think this heroic teen deserves a badge of honor, well he didn’t stick around, he’s got problems of his own after violating probation.

“One of the neighbors looked inside the apartment and heard Ms. Gardner saying that she was sorry for trying to drown her kids. Both children were found soaking wet and the children both admitted that she had tried to drown them,” said Robert Sherwin, Dallas Police Department.
Dallas P.D. has charged this woman with two counts of attempted capital murder. The kids have now been turned over the cps.
Looks like this momma needs a lesson in parenting 101.