Machete Wielding Robbery Suspects On The Loose

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DALLAS- Look out Dallas, machete is in town. No, we’re not talking about the guy from the movie.
We’ve got our own machete wielding robbery suspects on the loose. He’s suspected of three attacks over the past two weeks.

The first attack happened when police say the suspect came up to a man, sitting in his car, pulled a gun and waved a machete. According to reports, the suspect ordered the victim to hand over his wallet and iPhone. He did and the bandero walked away with the loot.

Attack number two, the machete suspect reportedly brought along a friend. This time, police say the accomplice held a gun to a victim’s head and demanded his belongings. Again, no one was hurt.

Moments later, attack number three.  Investigators say the duo, armed with a machete and a gun, approached a man who was checking his mail. They reportedly shoved the victim to the ground. Cops say the suspects took the man’s wallet and phone, and left him with a swift kick to the head.

The suspects are said to be in their 20’s. If you have any information, call the cops.