Hummus Recalls Announced In U.S. Over Listeria

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Hummus Recalled In The U.S. Over Listeria Worries

DETROIT, MI – Your chips are about to get pretty lonely.

Some hummus and layered dips are being pulled from shelves at Target and Trader Joe’s because they could be tainted with something called listeria, a nasty and potentially fatal infection.

This on the heels of a massive beef recall – 1.8 million pounds of it, due to potential e-coli contamination.

Ten of the eleven people who got sick from the beef ate it at a restaurant. Problem is, the USDA isn’t naming which restaurants sold the tainted beef, only the stores.

So, what’s with this new dip recall?

No illness reports yet, but retailer Lansal Inc. says Trader Joe’s 5 layered dip, edamame hummus, and Target’s Archer Farm hummus could get you sick. Same goes for some Sherman Produce packaged walnuts sold in the mid-west.

Might be time for a fridge check.