Hiding in Plain Sight: Kidnapped Girl Found After 10 Years

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Police in Santa Ana, California, have located a 25-year-old woman nearly a decade after her mother reported her missing.

Her alleged captor, Isidro Garcia, 41, has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, rape, lewd acts with a minor, and false imprisonment.

Police say at the time of her kidnapping, Garcia was living with the teen and her mother.

One night, after assaulting her mother, he allegedly drugged her.

Almost ten years later, police say she was living with Garcia in an apartment complex southeast of Los Angeles.

Investigators say he was going by the name Tomas Medrano, but his fake names didn’t stop with his fake IDs.

Police say Garcia also created a new identity for the girl, making her get a job with him, and forced her to marry him in 2007.

The two even had a child together in 2012.

In order to have her stay, Garcia used physical and emotional abuse.

Meanwhile, they were “hiding” in plain sight as a family.

The case finally came to light when the woman contacted her sister on Facebook and reached out to police.