DISD Changes Teacher Evaluation System

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DALLAS, TX- Being a teacher is kind of like being on Yelp. You get good reviews, you get bad ones.

But what if a teacher`s pay was based on those reviews?

Well that’s the deal Dallas ISD approved in a brand new teacher evaluation system

Right now, teachers are paid based on how long they’ve been teaching and how many fancy degrees they have. But the district has now approved linking a teacher`s paycheck to performance, test scores, and — get this – surveys from students.

The Teacher Excellence Initiative is superintendent Mike Miles’ brain child.

Miles implemented a similar program in Colorado, but just like their Colorado counterparts, DISD has had a big teacher turnover as a result of reforms like this.

Now that it’s been approved by the board, evaluations will begin in the 2014-2015 school year, pay checks would then go up or down.

Looks like teachers are going to have to bring apples to their students.