Are The Rangers Cursed?

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Are the Texas Rangers Cursed? Or Is It Just Karma?

The injury bug has obliterated the Texas Rangers. Prince Fielder and Jurickson Profar join Matt Harrison and Martin Perez as players you won’t be seeing again this year.
Meanwhile they say Derek Holland, Geovany Soto, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Pedro Figueroa are all on the road to recovery… forgive us for not being overly optimistic.
The whole thing has given Rangers fans the baseball blues…

“I’m saddened… it’s gonna hurt.” says Rangers fan Jeanette Hampton.

But is there something more nefarious at work? This many injuries… it can’t be a coincidence. Many fans feel the team must be cursed… maybe by the unpopular stadium name change… maybe by a jilted Ian Kinsler… maybe by ousted team president Nolan Ryan.
We had to find out, so we turned to the one place we could count on to uncover a curse… a local psychic

So, does Madame Ahna think there’s any way the team can recover and make it back to the playoffs?

“I would say yes… I believe in this team.”

Well that’s a promising answer. Now does she think this team is cursed?

“I don’t believe in curses” says Madame Ahna, “I believe in karma. Sometimes karma can cause a problem. I believe that what these people believe in, the one’s that are left are going to pull the team out.”

Madame Ahna asked to keep the baseball cards we brought for her to get a reading off of. She’s going to light candles over them. Hey folks if the Rangers make it to the World Series you know who to thank.