Mother Warns Parents About Hot Car Danger

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You’ve seen the demonstrations of how quickly a car can heat up inside.

Too often, it’s deadly for small children.

3-year-old Benjamin Price died of heat stroke a couple of years ago in Dallas when he was left in a daycare van.

in 2005, everyone in Tiffany Hays Dixon’s house was taking a nap. Her boys got up, crawled out a window and went to her car.

When their dad found them, it was too late for 2-year-old Riley.

“He had found Riley sitting in his car seat in a locked car,” Tiffany Dixon said at an awareness event in Fort Worth.

If you’re wondering, “how could you let that happen?”answer this: is your car locked? Right now?

“I didn`t realize the dangers of cars, especially sitting in the driveway,” Dixon said.

So experts remind you: never leave a child in a car, even for a minute.

Here`s the best advice you`ll get today: If your child’s in the back seat while you drive, put your purse or cell phone back there as a reminder.
And keep your car doors locked… so kids can’t get inside.

“You can save a life in sixty seconds,” Dixon said.