Germs on a Plane: Sicknesses sticking around

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DALLAS – There are some pretty scary things that can turn up on a plane. Case in point – germs. What`s even scarier is that these germs are sticking around for a pretty long vacation. And according to a new study from Auburn University, they`re everywhere. Bacteria like MRSA lingering on the cloth seat pocket and E.coli hanging out on the rubber arm rest.

What`s frightening is that the places where germs spread the easiest are where you`re the most ‘hands on’; like tray tables.

What freaks you out more than that? How about MERS, which was brought over to the United States by a plane, of course. There are already three confirmed cases. They even have signs inĀ  DFW International warning you about it.

‘The moral of the story is once you get off the plane, I`ll go straight to the bathroom and wash my hands,’ said traveler Jimmy Becker.

Don`t hold your breath if you think this germ scare is going away soon.