Deployed military dad fulfills volunteer ‘Watch Dogs’ duties via FaceTime

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Soldier Uses Face Time to Volunteer at Daughter's School LANTANA, TX – Back in the day, the ‘go to’ watchdog for crime was McGruff. Nowadays, there`s a volunteer program called `Watch Dogs` that sniffs around to help keep violence out of schools. Elena McNeff is a kindergartener at E.P. Raysor Elementary, and her dad is a member of the interactive `Watch Dogs` group. There`s only one problem, he`s stationed in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Beau McNeff is a member of the U.S. Army Surgical Team. Not only does he wear dog tags, he gets creative to make sure he`s not forgotten. ‘They flew this flag in honor of our classroom. They folded it and sent it to us and we had it framed. And he also sent us this certificate saying that the flag was dedicated to our class,’ said Katie Jones, Elena`s teacher. But it doesn`t stop there. With today`s technology, Lt. McNeff can fulfill his `Watch Dog` duties via FaceTime. Besides sharing Dr. Seuss stories, one of the main things Lt. McNeff wants to share with kids is what he`s doing over in Afghanistan. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what soldiers do; not all soldiers are out fighting the bad guys,’ said Lt. McNeff. If the kids in this kindergarten class still have questions, Elena knows a thing or two. “She’s adamant to say that he’s over there putting people back together that have been hurt,’ says Jones. This is one dad whose bark matches his bite.