Could the “McDiet” Actually Work?

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DES MOINES, IOWA – More fast food! That’ll help you lose the extra lbs.

Wait… no. That’s not right. One Iowa high school teacher’s “McDiet’ actually ended up with the opposite results of Morgan Spurlock’s infamous Supersize Me experiment.

John Cisna ate nothing but Mcdonalds, three meals a day for 90 days, all for his student’s science experiment. A semester later, he was down 37 pounds and ended up losing more than 61 pounds in total.

‘I ate everything the kids told me to eat,’ he said.

Like Spurlock, he had a doctor monitor his vitals during the experiment and d it wasn’t just Cisna’s weight that dropped. His blood pressure and other important health markers did, too.

Turns out, McDonald`s isn’t all Double Quarter Pounders. There are healthy choices… you just actually have to make them.

‘Its not mcdonald`s that make us fat,’ he said. ‘It`s our choices that make us fat.”