Dress Code Suspensions Trigger Riot at Duncanville High School

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DUNCANVILLE, TX – From chaos to calm — the situation at Duncanville High School resumed to a more manageable climate, following Wednesday’s apparent dress code riot.

However, just one day after bedlam erupted in the hallways, some students were still suspended and sent home for violating policy.

What exactly are these students getting sent home for wearing? Violation apparently included everything from skinny jeans to shirts that weren’t school colors.

But are forbidden fashions worth a suspension? Apparently so, according to some students.

“We want to wear what expresses our feelings,” student Anthony Caudillo said. Caudillo was suspended for failing to comply with school policy.

So how much longer will the fashion shakedown last? It seems as long as is takes for students to get it right. However, that philosophy may have a backlash.

“You’re suspending more students than you ever have,” Caudillo explained. “And more students are gonna fail and you’re gonna have them here next year, and they might do it again.”

Sounds like this fashion trend will be around for a while.