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Boko Haram: U.S. Helping Nigeria Track Kidnappers of Schoolgirls

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Boko Haram: U.S. Helping Nigeria Track Kidnappers of Schoolgirls

Dallas, TX — While many moms were resting at home on Mother’s Day, dozens of women rallied to ‘Bring back our girls.’ Islamist rebel group, Boko Haram, invaded a boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria and kidnapped nearly 300 girls.

A newly released video from the extremists shows about 100 girls, some forced to convert to Islam. The terrorists have said they’re not releasing the girls, until the government releases imprisoned members of their group. Meanwhile, half a world away, the Nigerian community of Dallas, isn’t idly standing by.

“It wasn`t the black thing, it wasn’t the white thing, it was all the human race because we are all human race the color doesn’t mean anything,” Nigerian spokeswoman Augusta Ekong said.

Boko Haram has threatened to sell the girls into slavery, and said the girls should not be in school.

“Most Nigerians, we go to boarding school,” Ekong explained.

“We weren’t afraid [of] Boka Haram, or the army, or the military. We didn`t have security, but right now we are scared. The mothers in Nigeria are scared.”

The Nigerian government said it’s not negotiating with terrorists. After watching the video, Ekong said there is still hope.

“In a way, I am very hopeful because they have not killed the girls, but at the same time, I do not like how they have used the children as a human shield trying to exchange for prisoners.”

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