Keller teen urges city council to recognize same sex marriage

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KELLER - A bold move by a teenager in Keller, who is calling on his city's mayor to sign a pledge to recognize gay marriage.

The teen, 16-year old Isaiah Smith, spoke to the Keller City Council tonight, urging the panel to embrace same-sex marriage. Mayors around the country have endorsed a petition to support gay marriage.

It is unclear if Keller mayor Pat McGrail will support the plan, but Smith says he had to give it a shot.

"For the freedom of marriage pledge, there have been over 100 mayors across the country who have signed it, who recognize that marriage is about equality and it's not about your sexual orientation. It's about love and we shouldn't be denying people that," Smith said.

You might recall, we profiled Smith who has collected hundreds of signatures on a petition, asking council members to support an ordinance that would make it illegal for restaurants to discriminate against patrons who are gay.