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  • Irving Police Department hires new police chief

    IRVING — The city of Irving has a new police chief! the new man in charge — chief Jeff Spivey was sworn in Friday at Irving P.D headquarters. Spivey, who is a 30-year vet of the Irving police department takes over for now retired police chief Larry Boyd. “He recognizes what policing and the value of policing and what that means to the community, and how important it is for us to see ourselves as servants of the community, so […]

  • DFW Auto Show revving up in Big D

    DALLAS — Things are revving up at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, for the DFW Auto Show. “I need a Sunday car and a Saturday car,” said car fan Carl Davis. That’s right, thousands of folks are expected to cruise through the auto show. However many do not seem to be in the market for a new ride. In fact across the country, sales of passenger cars were slightly down in 2016 as compared to past years. […]

  • Dallas man creates photo app that fixes flubs in a flash

    DALLAS — When you scroll through social media, you`ll be sure to find many seamless selfies. But to create the perfect picture takes some time, that is, until now. That’s because, in order to fix that pic, there’s an app for that. “I’m a photographer myself and I like to edit photos, and my wife is always sending me photos to edit, and I thought there`s got to be an easier way to get a photo edited.” Dallas photographer Patrick […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Having sex is good for your health

    Did you know sex makes you live longer? It’s not just a line to get you into bed. Sex is actually good for your heart. Having sex at least twice a week may lower your risk for heart disease by half according to studies. A second added benefit: a 25-minute lovemaking session can burn up to 100 calories an hour. If you are an overachiever you can burn even more calories, which is a great excuse to skip the gym. […]

  • Sex with Stefani: the key to being a good kisser

    Kissing is tricky. It can kinda be like Goldilocks: a little too hot, or a little too cold. They key is to make it just right. But how?  It’s easy to be a little too intense, or not intense enough. First, start small. And communicating about what’s working really does, well, work! Another piece of advice is to mirror your partner. If they kiss softly, you kiss softly.  After all, lips do have 100x more nerve endings than fingertips. And […]

  • Former Dallas Stars captain speaks on concussions in hockey

    Irving — Retired hockey player Brenden Morrow is no stranger to taking a hit. “If you break a bone you know you’ve got to get out of the game. If you have your bell rung, you think you can get through it,” Morrow said. “You’re hurt but not injured and that’s a bad mentally to have.” And when that brain-busting hit happens, so does the potential for long-term effects of concussions, that could cut a career short. “You’ve got a […]

  • The fire you saw at DFW airport had all of the flames, none of the danger, as fire fighters train for emergency

    DFW AIRPORT– The old adage is, where there is smoke there’s fire. Well, for many folks who drive by DFW airport, the sight of smoke sets off alarms. “When we started all of our training back in 2013 we were burning a lot more often. We were getting a lot of concerned calls from around the airport,” said Assistant Fire Chief Randal Rhodes with DFW Airport. Even now, many take to social media to ask what’s going down at DFW, with […]

  • Mobile dentistry comes to North Texas

    PLANO — For a lot of folks, getting to the dentist is a bigger pain than actually lying in the hot seat. Well, one dentist wants to bring the dental chair to you. “I just keep hearing from people that would come into my dental office and they would say they had tooth pain or problems that they’ve put off just because it’s really difficult to get to the dentist,” said Dr. Michael Fooshee. Dr. Fooshee with New Avenue Dentistry […]

  • Texas could lose film incentive programs

    DALLAS — When it comes to producing big movie blockbusters, many in the lone star state want Hollywood to make movie magic in Texas. “Texas is a huge state for bringing up these creatives and bringing up people in the industry when in comes to radio, television, film, as well as video game development.” said Mindy Raymond, Executive Director of the Motion Picture alliance. Mindy Raymond says Texas in danger of losing out on gracing the silver screen. “The name […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Sleeping in the nude can help heat things up

    Let’s talk about cooling things down in the bedroom to make things hot. In order to do that, you might want to think about getting naked tonight. Why? According to the National sleep foundation only 12% of Americans sleep in the buff. The naked truth is, men who wear lose fitting boxers during the day and sleep naked at night can reduce the DNA damage to their sperm by 25% according a recent study. For women who sleep naked, you […]