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  • Summer Months could mean problems for your pet

    The dog days of summer are here.  Yeah, it’s the first day of summer, and we are sure it is going to be a hot one. In fact, in Phoenix Arizona, it is so hot that some dog owners are getting protecting their pups paws from the hot pavement. “The cement and the asphalt can get very hot and can bun the pads of their feet,” Lauriston Crockett, III, told Newsfix. Yeah, dog burns can get really bad and experts […]

  • Retired nun gets new roof, thanks to Arlington roofer

    FORT WORTH — When it comes to doing something nice for someone, it is the small things that go a long way. Linda Paddack has spent a lifetime helping others. “I’m a strong believer in everybody seeing if somebody needs something,” Paddack said. Linda is a former Catholic Nun, and a retired nurse, so fixing people’s bodies and souls is what she does best. Her acts of kindness continue every day, especially with her moving in with her mom in […]

  • Simon Says: Chill out! Don’t let politics have a field day in your head

    Republicans and Democrats have a baseball practice and within seconds a crazy guy with a gun gets both sides to finally agree on something: how they should be united against what happened in Alexandria. But it’s really on us to think about how and why this happened.  How the shooter could let the politics of the day have a field day in his head. He’s likely not the only one. We have become an angry bunch lately. Pissed-off people, taking […]

  • Tarrant County College offers television and film workshop at no cost

    FORT WORTH– Lots of people want to break into the TV and film biz, but many think the only place to go is  Hollywood. Well, folks with Tarrant County College want to help those aspiring artists achieve their silver screen dreams, right here in North Texas. “Today we have a free workshop that will last for four sessions over four weeks. The net result of that will be a short film,” said Scott Robinson, Dean of Humanities at TCC. This […]

  • Summer camp helps kids with skin diseases

    LEWISVILLE– For 15-year-old Mikaela Jauregui, it’s her skin that has always draws people’s attention. When I was younger, I would get bullied because I looked different,” Mikaela said. “People have always come up to me and said, ‘Why does your skin look different than ours?’ That`s always been a part of it.’ Mikaela is one of many teens around the world who suffer from eczema. It’s a non-contagious skin disease that has caused her pain and affected her confidence. “That […]

  • Fort Worth auction helping keep wild west alive

    Fort Worth — For many folks, the closest they will get to the old west is seeing John Wayne movies. But, for those who are looking for an up close look at the wild west, the Old West Show and Auction in Fort Worth at the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibit Hall is the place to be this weekend. “A lot of the dealers come from all over the world,” said promoter Brian Lebel, “We have over 100 of the […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Taking more viewer questions

    I am always talking to you about sex, but now here is your opportunity to ask your questions. After reading some viewer emails, here are a few questions that you have on your mind. Our first question is: How have apps changed the way we perceive sex and dating? Apps tell us largely what people want out of sex and relationships. For instance, has become a huge platform of online dating for baby boomers. It gives people a voice […]

  • First responders in Hurst help save 8-year-old’s birthday party

    HURST — There are very few days that are as exciting as your birthday. “I was like, way so excited,” said 8-year-old Graham Day. No doubt Graham was excited about his big day. Just like any other kid, he had passed out invites to all of his friends. “He had invitations handed to friends and parents,” Graham’s mom, Jennifer, said. “Most had said they were going to come; 2:45 I walked through the door with an arm full of pizzas, […]

  • Dallas Officer in stable condition after hit and run

    DALLAS — When people saw a police cruiser get knocked into a creek, they jumped into action. Dallas cops say Sr. Cpl. Dale Ordogne was heading to a call when another car failed to yield the right of way, hit the police cruiser, and drove away from the scene. Albert Martinez with the Dallas Police Department said, “They basically bounced off each other, which sent Sr. Cpl. Ordogne off to the side onto the grass and over the creek.” Officer […]

  • Lion cub first to be born at Dallas Zoo in 43 years

    DALLAS — The guests at the Dallas Zoo were able to see the big debut of one of its newest members. “This is amazingly exciting!” said Keith Zdrojewski with the Dallas Zoo,  “We haven’t had a lion cub at the Dallas Zoo in 43 years, so anyone here right now has never seen a cub in Dallas.” DFW, meet Bahati, which means “lucky one” in Swahili. For this bouncing baby girl, the name is a perfect fit. Especially for Bahati’s […]