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  • North Texas high school Senior pulls off viral Prank on school Principals

    COPPELL — For many high school seniors, their high school career will soon be coming to an end. “It’s definitely an exciting time in my life, you know, graduating high school and off into college. I know a lot of people are going to miss me…. Mom,” said 18-year-old Ryan Storch. Ryan will be heading to Texas A&M in the fall,  but before he left for Aggie-land, he had one more thing to do in the hallowed halls of Coppell High. […]

  • Bonnie & Clyde memorabilia makes its way back to Dallas for auction

    DALLAS — Bonnie & Clyde are one of the most notorious couples in Texas history. Since their untimely end on an old dusty road in Louisiana, many of Bonnie & Clyde’s personal items have made their way to auctions. The most recent items that are going to be sold made a stop in Big D,  before heading to the auction block. “On June 22nd were having a big auction featuring items from Bonnie & Clyde, and we brought several of these incredible […]

  • Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center kicks off Child Abuse Prevention Month

    DALLAS — When it comes to child abuse in the United States, the stats are staggering. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more 1,600 kids died from abuse and neglect in 2015. At the Children’s Advocacy Center in Dallas, they see nearly 5,000 criminal cases every year. “The cases that we see are the most difficult,” Natasha Bullard with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center said. They are the children who have had the worst most horrific […]

  • Robot lawn mower cutting edge of technology

    DALLAS — Sometimes doing chores is just a fact of life. It involves everything from taking out the trash to mowing the lawn. Well, one local company says when it comes to the lawn, robots are a cut above the rest. “We started Robin two years ago as a subscription based lawn care service, and we`ve grown to about 6,000 customers over those two years. We looked at robots as a potentially reliable service for our costumers,” said co-founder Justin […]

  • Kids hitting the green for good cause

    MCKINNEY — 10-year-old, Avery Zweig, is no stranger to the golf green, and she’s no stranger to helping those in need. We told you last year about her efforts to raise money for those who are fighting for their lives with the Win Green Campaign. “The first year we did it I raised money for my school custodian,” Avery said. “I was on my own and I raised $8,000 for him, the next year we raised money for a 2-year-old […]

  • Burleson Fire Department takes on drowning deaths with new PSA

    BURLESON — During the summer, there are plenty of hazards to look out for. But one that happens far too often is accidental drownings. “When that call comes in, anytime it deals with a child, but specifically a drowning, you are just hoping for the best but prepared for the worst,” said Burleson Fire Chief K.T Freemen. According to the CDC, in the United States, about 700 kids die each year from accidental drownings. “We’ve experienced first hand here in […]

  • Irving Police Department hires new police chief

    IRVING — The city of Irving has a new police chief! the new man in charge — chief Jeff Spivey was sworn in Friday at Irving P.D headquarters. Spivey, who is a 30-year vet of the Irving police department takes over for now retired police chief Larry Boyd. “He recognizes what policing and the value of policing and what that means to the community, and how important it is for us to see ourselves as servants of the community, so […]

  • DFW Auto Show revving up in Big D

    DALLAS — Things are revving up at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, for the DFW Auto Show. “I need a Sunday car and a Saturday car,” said car fan Carl Davis. That’s right, thousands of folks are expected to cruise through the auto show. However many do not seem to be in the market for a new ride. In fact across the country, sales of passenger cars were slightly down in 2016 as compared to past years. […]

  • Dallas man creates photo app that fixes flubs in a flash

    DALLAS — When you scroll through social media, you`ll be sure to find many seamless selfies. But to create the perfect picture takes some time, that is, until now. That’s because, in order to fix that pic, there’s an app for that. “I’m a photographer myself and I like to edit photos, and my wife is always sending me photos to edit, and I thought there`s got to be an easier way to get a photo edited.” Dallas photographer Patrick […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Having sex is good for your health

    Did you know sex makes you live longer? It’s not just a line to get you into bed. Sex is actually good for your heart. Having sex at least twice a week may lower your risk for heart disease by half according to studies. A second added benefit: a 25-minute lovemaking session can burn up to 100 calories an hour. If you are an overachiever you can burn even more calories, which is a great excuse to skip the gym. […]