I am a Preditor (Basically a Producer/Writer/Camera/Editor/Reporter) at CW33 for NewsFix, a brand new, non-traditional news program for the DFW area.
I’m sort of the unofficial “sports guy” around these parts.

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  • rebekah-razzie

    Local actress talks about winning the Razzie for Worst Actress!

    DALLAS — The Academy Awards are Sunday night, with Hollywood celebrating what they see as their best. But Saturday the Razzies did their annual riff on what they say was the worst in cinema. And for one Fort Worth actress, it was a big night! Rebekah Turner snagged the award for Worst Actress for her role as Hillary Clinton in the documentary, “Hillary’s America”. “I am not the least bit upset about it, I don’t feel like that has any […]

  • promo312153194

    Class Act: Carter Junior leads his team in scoring, class in GPA

    DALLAS — On and off the court, Dylan Arnette only settles for one spot: #1. That’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week. Dylan is a junior at Carter High, and the leading scorer on the school’s basketball team; a status he achieves through constant hard work. “You really have to try hard and you can’t make excuses,” said Dylan. “If you’re not getting better it’s really because of yourself, because you’re not working, so I really just […]

  • promo312068698

    2017 Dallas Senior Games get underway

    DALLAS — The Olympic motto might be Faster, Higher, Stronger, but you can go ahead and add Older and Wiser to that list! The 2017 Dallas Senior Games kicked off today, with a 5K race and all the pageantry you’d expect for an opening ceremony. Even Olympic gold medalist, Michelle Carter came out to get the games rolling. “You all encourage me knowing that if you can get up and do what you do I can keep going and do […]

  • promo311984680

    Bobcats on the prowl in Plano

    PLANO — Plano residents might have a reason to be on high alert. According to Plano Animal Services, last week a 20-pound poodle was killed by a bobcat that scaled a backyard fence and dragged it off. That’s a much bigger dog than is usually considered a target for a bobcat. The fierce felines have become such a regular sight in the city that there’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to them. And some small dog owners are now on […]

  • promo311897532

    Grab a selfie with the new President Trump wax statue

    GRAND PRAIRIE — It’s Presidents’ Day and some folks took the day to meet the newest POTUS. Not the real one of course, but the wax replica at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! “He is totally life-like and totally to scale. You can see that his hair is almost the same as you see on TV,” laughed Amanda Emmons, a manager at Ripley’s. “And he wears his famous red tie, you know, the power.” And the crowds have been huge, […]

  • promo311810876

    Lego Americana rebuilds ten US landmarks brick by brick

    FRISCO, TX — The Founding Fathers built this nation over 200 years ago, but now some people have re-built it with Legos! The Lego Americana Roadshow is out at the Stonebriar Center in Frisco, bringing ten astounding recreations of US landmarks to town, all constructed out of Lego bricks! The scale and accuracy is pretty astounding, with the Lego Capitol building alone being 1/29th the size of the actual thing, and taking over 1,700 man hours to build! But it’s […]

  • promo311551086

    Forney Junior overcomes amputation to play football

    FORNEY — Thomas Derrick was handed a disaster early in his life, but he never stopped working to overcome it all. That’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week. When Thomas was just four years old, he experienced a life-altering accident. “While I was playing I decided to go up to my grandfather, and my grandfather was mowing,” Thomas recounted. “And so I ran up behind my grandfather and he didn’t see me and I slipped underneath the lawnmower… […]

  • Mike Napoli holds his new jersey with Rangers manager Jeff Banister and GM Jon Daniels. (Credit: Texas Rangers)

    Mike Napoli is back with the Texas Rangers

    SURPRISE, AZ — Guess who’s back in town? Dust off your “NA-PO-LEE” chants, Mike Napoli officially signed back up with the Texas Rangers today. The guy has played in 3 of the last 6 World Series, so maybe the fan favorite is just the good luck charm Texas needs. “I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to be on a lot of winning ball clubs and coming back here is definitely something that I saw that was a chance to […]

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    Tips for surviving Valentine`s Day with allergies

    PLANO, TX — Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but the international day of love can be a nightmare for people living with allergies. Yeah, throw together flowers, mystery chocolates with hidden nuts and on the more personal side, topical oils for massages that could cause a serious allergic reaction. So what are some tips to avoid breaking out in hives this February 14th? “Our message is read the food label,” said Dr. Aasia Ghazi with DFW Asthma & Allergy Center. Make […]

  • promo311464851

    Is flag football more dangerous than tackle football?

    SOUTHLAKE — With all the controversy surrounding concussions and football, a lot of parents have been looking for a safer alternative to the hard hitting sport. For many, that’s led them to get their kids into a flag football league. But it turns out that may not be any safer. A study published this week by the University of Iowa, shows common injuries are actually more likely in flag football than tackle. The study found no major difference in the […]