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  • Surveillance camera catches jerks destroying a scooter in Deep Ellum

    DALLAS — What’s up with security cameras catching jerks destroying stuff around here? Yeah, last week we showed you this footage out of Denton of a random dude punching and breaking an innocent weather station. Now flash over to Deep Ellum. Check out this surveillance footage from Saturday night, taken outside of the Armoury bar: You see a crowd of not-so-sober people walking down the sidewalk when suddenly two guys start kicking a parked scooter, breaking it! What is wrong with […]

  • Cowboys gear up for the NFL Draft

    FRISCO, TX — The NFL Draft is just three days away, and for Cowboys fans, getting some help on defense is priority number one! After all, the D couldn’t get the big stops in the playoffs and *then* lost 7 key free agents, so restocking and upgrading is key, and the Boys like their spot in the draft. “That spot, 28th spot, there are a lot of players at those positions that give us some options,” said owner Jerry Jones. […]

  • Just kickin’ it: Dak attends local kicking camp

    FRSICO, TX — Every kid grows up wanting to be a star quarterback, flashy wide receiver or hard hitting linebacker but somebody has to do the kicking! Yeah, it may not be the coolest part of football but punting and kicking are some of the most important, and the guys over at One on One Kicking are out to make sure these special teamers get the right education. “It’s not sexy to be a punter all the time but those […]

  • Class Act: Visually impaired student named YMCA Camp`s Volunteer of the Year

    FORT WORTH — Even with struggles most of us will never go through, Micah Boulter chose to give back and that’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week. Micah is a senior at Mansfield Legacy. He is also visually impaired, a fact that has unfortunately made him a target for bullying. “I’ve been made fun of. People just look at me in a different light just because of my visual imparity,” Micah said. But then Micah came to […]

  • See it: Man in Denton punches out weather station

    DENTON — Whether it’s floods, icy roads or blazing heat, it seems North Texas is always making us furious with its weather. But did it finally push one guy to fight back? Yeah, check out this crazy surveillance footage released by Denton PD, where a random dude just walks up to a weather measurement device and punches it! “Well, it was a little surprising that he would just come up and basically attack a random weather sensor,” said Officer Bryan […]

  • Roaches are wreckings PS4s

    DENTON, TX — Most gamers are probably used to running into bugs in the system, but not like this! Turns out that cockroaches love the video game console and regularly make their home inside it. “It’s big, it’s dark, but it runs warm,” said video game Patrick Scott Patterson. “Any place that’s dark and warm and has a little space like that is going to be attractive to some critters.” And Patterson would know all about weird things in consoles. […]

  • Fort Worth announces new Dickies Arena and lands March Madness games

    FORT WORTH — Fort Worth is stepping up the stadium game in a big way. Tuesday,  the city announced the name and plans for a new multipurpose center: the Dickies Arena. “Citizens from all walks of life will come together to enjoy this,” said Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price. “It will give us a competitive advantage to bid on sporting events, family events, obviously the rodeo, concerts.” A competitive advantage is right! Just an hour after the big announcement, the […]

  • An eggcellent Easter Sunday in Dallas!

    DALLAS — For millions in Dallas and around the world, Easter Sunday is one of the holiest days of the year, and one that gives them hope. “This world of ours, so many people are filled with fear, they are so filled with fear,” said Bishop Edward Burns. “And you know the one message that always came through on Easter, was be not afraid. Be not afraid. And I think that it is our Risen Lord who brings us the […]

  • Class Act: Student with autism earns rank of Eagle Scout

    KELLER — Overcoming the limitations that others see in you is a big time challenge, but it’s what makes Paul Cutler our Class Act of the Week. Paul is a senior at Keller High. As a child, he was diagnosed with autism and the doctors gave his life a grim perspective. “They told me, number one, that he would never speak, that he had lost that ability,” Theresa Cutler, Paul’s mother, recounted. “He would never be able to make it […]

  • Cowboys Academy preps to host youth football and cheerleading camps

    FRISCO, TX — Summer is just around the corner and that means time for summer camp, but instead of sweltering in the middle of nowhere, how about hitting the grid iron! Yeah the Dallas Cowboys Academy football summer camps give kids a chance to get one on one instruction from former NFL stars. “We want to introduce each kid to every position on the field, so we don’t believe in everybody’s a quarterback right away or everybody’s a kicker,” said […]