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    Another Deep Ellum Business Falls To What Owners Say Is Gentrification

    DALLAS –  New year, new place – cyberspace – for Deep Ellum’s newest victim, “Elluments.” The boutique’s been around for the last 5 years and is really popular. It was even just awarded the 2016 best vintage clothing award by the Dallas Observer. Owner Felicia Dunnican says big developers are closing out small businesses by jacking up the rent. She says “They’re pricing out small businesses that have been here who are loyal to the neighborhood and the integrity of […]

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    Bathroom Bill Could Cost Texas Billions In Lost Revenue

    DALLAS – The Texas bathroom bill hits center stage in Austin. Lt. Governer Dan Patrick is pushing a bill to require transgender people to use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate, but not everyone is behind it. Cece Cox, the CEO of the Resource Center says that this “is a devisive attempt to create legislation that is not necessary that would prevent transgender people from being able to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.” […]

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    Real-Life ‘Forrest Gump’ Running 100 Marathons for 100 Charities

    DALLAS — Forrest Gump ran just because he felt like it. But not KP Kelly. He’s running 100 marathons in 100 days for 100 different charities! Kelly started his trek in Los Angeles, went through Las Vegas, Scottsdale and El Paso. He’s in Dallas until January 8th. Then he’s onward to Austin, Houston, Alabama, Pensacola, Jacksonville and ending in Daytona Beach, Florida. NewsFix caught up with Kelly while in Dallas — no entourage, no fans, just him in the cold running to help […]

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    Live Stream Lets Parents Watch NICU Babies

    IRVING – Little angel Lila has been in the neonatal intensive care unit, otherwise known as “NICU” for five and a half weeks now and as much as she may have wanted to stay with her baby, her mom ended up having to go home before Lila, leaving her precious little one alone. While they may be physically away from each other, mommy can still keep a close eye on everything that’s going on at the hospital, thanks to webcams […]

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    McKinney Pool Party Lawsuit Jumps Up To $5 Million

    MCKINNEY, TX – It`s the body slam seen around the world.  Back in June of 2015 a McKinney cop was caught on camera rough-handling 14-year old Dajerria becton. The cop, Eric Casebolt also pulled his guns on a couple of kids while answering a call about a disturbance at a pool party. Casebolt resigned from the force, but he was not charged in the case. That didn’t get the city of McKinney off the hook. Dajerria asked the city for 2.5 million […]

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    When Car Manufacturers Compete, Consumers Win Big

    PLANO — So you just got done racing through Christmas, but now is not the time to sit back, relax and kick off those brand new sneakers from Santa Claus because it’s time to run one more race before the end of the year! Go buy that new car you’ve always wanted! “Traditionally the last week of the year has been the best benefit for buying cars,  it’s holding true, this week is a busy week and we have plenty […]

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    New Year, An Alternative You

    FRISCO — Typically, this is the time of year when we slowly start coming back to reality and talk about the number one New Year’s resolution — losing weight! Those in the weight loss business say that we typically gain between 7-20 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas,  and if you want to lose weight, you are supposed to lose the pounds, then build the muscle. The usual “go to” is hitting the gym and just start pumping iron. But alternative forms […]

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    Procrastinate? Don’t Be Late! Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Christmas is almost here and you’re almost out of time for shopping! So if you’ve put it off ’til the last minute… Newsfix has you covered. You can still be the holiday hero who brings great gifts that won’t be “re-gifted”…or thrown away. One of my favorite tips for getting a last minute gift is to let them do the work for you. At Lush, they have all types of gifts and they are all pre-wrapped, they tell you on […]