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  • Simon Says: If no one shows up to hear a racist, do they exist?

    There’s something that’s been sticking with me for a few weeks. I just can’t get it out of my mind. You know about Richard Spencer? Yeah, he’s the white supremacist who showed up in places like Charlottesville and Gainesville, Florida. It seems everywhere he goes, something else grows right in front of him: a crop of mic flags from local and national media. THAT is the thing that bothers me. Why do so many members of the media always show […]

  • Simon Says: Don’t you think the supermarket can be one offensive place?

    DALLAS — Here’s a real “cereal killer.” I’m sure you’ve heard about how Kellogg’s recently apologized when someone noticed something on a box of Corn Pops. The cartoon Corn Pop cleaning the floor was too dark.  Racial stereotype anyone? hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? this is teaching kids racism. pic.twitter.com/Nh7M7IFawW — Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) October 24, 2017 Kellogg’s quickly got the word out about how it’s committed to […]

  • Simon Says: Stop the Bragging! Here Are Things Better Left Unsaid

    DALLAS — Chris Rock has this great bit. It’s about how people say things, they really don’t need to. I love the part where he talks about a guy bragging because he pays child support. “I take care of my kids,” the hypothetical man says. Rock always deadpans, “You’re supposed to!” bringing the house down, not just because it’s funny. Because it’s true! Have you noticed, we are living in a time when so many of us say things we […]

  • Simon Says: Where were the Weinstein Whistleblowers? Don’t be scared anymore!

    DALLAS — The whole mess over the Harvey Weinstein saga has all of us with different opinions. Pissed off. Grossed out. Yes, there’s a lot of anger when you hear about what could be years of sexual harassment and allegations of rape. But don’t you feel the response in Hollywood is like that scene in Casablanca, when the guy says, “I’m shocked, shocked gambling is going on here.” If you remember, about two beats later that same man accepted his […]

  • Simon Says: Leaving Las Vegas, can we please stop all the fighting?

    All of us have our own way of coming to terms with what happened in Las Vegas.  Images you won’t forget, stories you’ll want to share. But after a few days of taking it all in, the thought of Sumo wrestlers going at it wouldn’t stop popping in my head. Think about it, two big things fighting it out, and not a lot of room to move. That kind of symbolizes where we are as a country right now, because after Vegas, […]

  • Simon Says: Why President Trump should just shut-up and listen to the “Dos Equis” guy!  

    At least there’s one good thing about all this “will they take a knee stuff” with the NFL: We’re all watching the National Anthem now! No eating, scratching or talking going on. We’re focused on how so many men can say so much without even saying a word. Saying less is more, especially if you walk into a situation where others have a preconceived perception of you based on your job, your clothes, or the way you look. The ‘Dos […]

  • Simon Says: Smartphones ruining your kids social life? ‘Flip’ the situation now!   

    Peter Pan was onto something when he talked about “not growing up.” Have you heard?  Teens are growing-up slower than they used to. A new study suggests they are doing less driving, drinking, and dating than years ago.  Many people think smartphones are one of the reasons why. Who needs a real girlfriend or boyfriend, when you can have a virtual one? Our phone can take the place of a lot of things, and now it’s taking the place of […]

  • Simon Says: Here’s The Best Advice After ‘Harvey’ You Can’t Second Guess!

    Where do you start? Every word, adjective and expression has been used by someone else already so I won’t go there. I do know this: Houston is great city. It’s a part of me, and I have no doubt the “H” in H-Town won’t be connected to ‘Harvey’ one day. Nope, the ‘H” will stand for “Hero” because no one can second guess the character of everyone running things. But when it comes to second guessing, Harvey HAS brought out […]

  • Simon Says:  Hiring good people is hard! Here’s how to avoid “mooch-o” problems.  

    Have you heard?   Getting a job should not be work! Recent unemployment numbers suggest if you look hard enough, there’s a job for you.  Don’t tell that to people I know who’ve been looking and looking. But even in this economy, when it comes to hiring, the problem no one seems to be talking about is what we witnessed with Anthony Scaramucci. His ten days in The White House will go down as a textbook example of how hard it […]

  • Simon Says: Is your boss a bully? Let’s make a federal case of it!

    How’s your work/life balance going? I figured. You know the thing that can make or break that balance?   A boss who’s a bully! A few years back, a story in Forbes claimed about 35 percent of you have been the target of a bully boss. That same story listed 25 signs that your boss is throwing you under the bus. (You listening, Jeff Sessions?  It hasn’t been easy lately being Attorney General has it?) Some of the “signs” include a […]