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  • Simon Says: Smartphones ruining your kids social life? ‘Flip’ the situation now!   

    Peter Pan was onto something when he talked about “not growing up.” Have you heard?  Teens are growing-up slower than they used to. A new study suggests they are doing less driving, drinking, and dating than years ago.  Many people think smartphones are one of the reasons why. Who needs a real girlfriend or boyfriend, when you can have a virtual one? Our phone can take the place of a lot of things, and now it’s taking the place of […]

  • Simon Says: Here’s The Best Advice After ‘Harvey’ You Can’t Second Guess!

    Where do you start? Every word, adjective and expression has been used by someone else already so I won’t go there. I do know this: Houston is great city. It’s a part of me, and I have no doubt the “H” in H-Town won’t be connected to ‘Harvey’ one day. Nope, the ‘H” will stand for “Hero” because no one can second guess the character of everyone running things. But when it comes to second guessing, Harvey HAS brought out […]

  • Simon Says:  Hiring good people is hard! Here’s how to avoid “mooch-o” problems.  

    Have you heard?   Getting a job should not be work! Recent unemployment numbers suggest if you look hard enough, there’s a job for you.  Don’t tell that to people I know who’ve been looking and looking. But even in this economy, when it comes to hiring, the problem no one seems to be talking about is what we witnessed with Anthony Scaramucci. His ten days in The White House will go down as a textbook example of how hard it […]

  • Simon Says: Is your boss a bully? Let’s make a federal case of it!

    How’s your work/life balance going? I figured. You know the thing that can make or break that balance?   A boss who’s a bully! A few years back, a story in Forbes claimed about 35 percent of you have been the target of a bully boss. That same story listed 25 signs that your boss is throwing you under the bus. (You listening, Jeff Sessions?  It hasn’t been easy lately being Attorney General has it?) Some of the “signs” include a […]

  • Simon Says: Can we abstain from ‘Sex Shop’ billboards on the highway!

    I recently finished a long road trip with the family. 17 hours from Dallas to Orlando meant a lot of Red Bull, bathroom breaks, Burger King, and billboards–a lot of them! So many of those signs–too many to count–were for sex shops. The kinds of places you can get toys and lingerie. I guess when you’re on the interstate you’re always thinking about sex, right? Whatever. Parents like me just hope their kids are zoned out on Netflix during the […]

  • Simon Says: What? A robot is taking my job?

    I was watching the garbage truck pick up my trash the other day with that robotic arm. Looking at it made me remember how someone used to do that job. Yes, innovation is ‘killing’ the garbage man.  Just like the toll booth collector, phonebooth maker, and sorry Mr. President, thousands of coal mining jobs. You can’t stop progress. It doesn’t belong to a political party. We hear about how driverless cars will be common for our children. Think about the […]

  • Simon Says: Are you pissed at Putin? Sure doesn’t feel like it!

    I loved the good ol’ days when the Russians were our enemy. Yes, the former Soviet Union and Communism had us up at night and fighting wars. We hated them. They hated us. Communism fell and then things cooled off.  Now, it’s time to turn up the heat! Is it just me? Where’s the outrage, the angry mobs, protesting a fact that is not fake news: THE RUSSIANS INTERFERED IN THE 2016 ELECTION. Think about it. A foreign government hacks […]

  • Simon Says:  “Breaking News” is broken. Please make it stop!

    I want to break down what I think is a big problem if you watch CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. It used to be, “breaking news” meant actual news. Now, not so much. Over a few hours recently, I watched the major news networks, trying to see how often they wanted my attention with what looked like a big story. CNN uses the “breaking news” logo A LOT! But what’s so breaking about waiting for election results or the polls […]

  • Simon Says: Free Speech? Sure, but only when the bottom-line isn’t ‘offensive’.

    When you think about, the main job of comic is to make people smile.  That’s it. Wish we all could have that job, right? Although, lately, some of you aren’t laughing at Kathy Griffin & Bill Maher. Her “Trump Head” put her to the head of the unemployment line, while Maher’s “N-word” had him using the word “sorry” with his own damage control. It looks like these two just got space in the ‘Museum of Popped Culture”.  You’ll find them […]

  • Simon Says: Movies today stink, but you don’t have to!

    Going to the movies soon? Well, I have a good feeling you might get a sense that it all seems so familiar, like you’re watching the same movie over and over again. It’s not quite like ‘Ground Hog Day’,  but aren’t you tired of the same formula and retreads that seem to be coming from Hollywood. Here’s what you have to look forward this summer: They all seem to be made with the same ingredients:  a destroyed city, a fight, […]