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  • Simon Says: When it comes to hackers and who can get to your money, this should freak you out.  

    Doesn’t it feel like we can’t go a day without hearing about “hack attacks?” Yeah, the Russians, North Koreans, and some guy near you wearing bad underwear in a basement are all using a keyboard to do everything from possibly tilting elections,  holding your data for ransom, or finding nude pictures of famous people. It’s a big deal, and these kinds of hackers have so many politicians yelling for change. Think about that for a second while I ask you a […]

  • Simon Says: Mr. President, I know the two guys who could really help you!

    Sometimes, people I know ask me for advice. Sometimes it’s good; other times “Lucy” from Charlie Brown would do a better job from her ‘help’ desk. A few months ago, I had what I thought was good advice for President Trump. I wanted to make sure he watched the movie “World War Z” and remembered the scene about the ‘10th man theory.’ That’s the suggestion of how a tenth man in your inner-circle always offers a dissenting opinion. This way you’ll think […]

  • Simon Says:  Why one guy mapping opioid deaths won’t get out of your head

    Take a look at the faces on this map. They look so happy, don’t they? Before you start feeling jealous, you should feel sad. They’re all dead.  It’s more than 400 people who got hooked on heroin or pain pills and overdosed.   The interactive map was started Jeremiah Lindemann from Colorado. His brother OD’d eight years ago. It’s more than 400 people who got hooked on heroin or pain pills and overdosed.   The interactive map was started Jeremiah Lindemann from Colorado. […]

  • Simon Says: Forget 100-day goals, here’s ONE rule to follow!

    How are you doing with your goal setting ? President Trump is now dealing with the report cards for his “100 Day Action Plan.” Yes, 100 days is a big deal in elementary school, but who came up with the idea that it was supposed to mean so much in politics? You may have heard, Trump now thinks the milestone is ridiculous No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been […]

  • Simon Says: I know why you won’t read this!

    I was going through social media recently and I noticed most videos today have big video, big subtitles, and not much depth. Think about it.  There’s not much to comprehend with these kinds of videos and you don’t need much time with them either. But there’s a reason why we’re all getting served this kind of thing. To put it bluntly: we’ve stopped reading! We’re reading fewer books. We’re only reading headlines.  And some studies suggest you only spend about 15 seconds […]

  • Simon Says: Why we should all be UNITED; customer service really sucks!

    Ok, you were shocked, horrified, and disgusted by what happened on that United flight. C’mon, no one should have been surprised. Sure, it’s a textbook case on how to fail with public relations, but it’s also a bad sign how so many companies just don’t have time or don’t care about basic customer service anymore.   It shouldn’t be a shock that we got to a place where someone thought it was ok to drag a guy off a plane. […]

  • Simon Says: No one can retire anymore, but you can do this!

    DALLAS — Tony Romo is now Tony “No Go” when it comes to playing another season. He’s giving up the “blitz” for the booth, “retiring” from the NFL. Good luck Tony, you’ll learn TV critics can be harsher than Monday Morning Quarterbacks. I guess it's time to start dressing up. #CBS A post shared by Tony Romo (@tony.romo) on Apr 4, 2017 at 11:57am PDT Anyway, don’t you wish we all could retire one day? Yeah, especially at 36. But have […]

  • The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton on going from theater at SMU to King Ezekiel

    DALLAS — This past Sunday, the Dallas Convention Center was packed with hordes of zombie-superhero-fantasy-SciFi-loving fans for the annual FanExpo Dallas, the “comicon” of Dallas, of sorts. Fans came out to meet the actresses, actors, artist, and content creators of their favorite shows, games, comics and more. The big draw of the show, however, were members of everyone’s favorite rotting TV series, The Walking Dead. Actors Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the king himself, Khary Payton attended the show. […]

  • Simon Says:  Are we bankrupt or just shedding the fat? Nothing makes sense anymore!     

    Things just don’t seem to make sense anymore.  Work with me here, but doesn’t it feel like we all have been feeling so damn confused? Look where you shop.  Ae we bankrupt or just shedding the fat? These stores are closing near you: GameStop, The Limited, Payless Shoes, Sears, JCPenney, Macy’s, Wet Seal, Family Christian and Staples. Now, take a look at the stock market; it’s full of bull, breaking records each week. Nothing makes sense when it comes to […]

  • Simon Says: Fixing health care is like planning a party for triplets

    DALLAS — We Americans are a pretty resourceful group of people. We’ve figured out how to go to the moon, get rid of disease, get rid of terrorists and outlast communism. Hey, the Cubs finally figured out how to win the World Series. Not bad. The impossible becomes possible with luck and hard work, which makes it even more remarkable that we can’t figure out a way to solve health care in this country. Some historians will tell you nearly […]