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  • Simon Says: ‘Parkland’ was in my backyard. It will soon be in yours.

    It’s kind of ironic we see kids, at the most terrified they will likely ever be in life,  run from a mass shooting with their hands up in the air. Because when you think about the lack of smart gun laws passed in Washington, it’s like so many people you elected throw their hands up and do nothing but blame the other side. But after watching what’s going on in Parkland, I realized things will change. It hit me after […]

  • Simon Says: Freaked-Out over Stocks? Here’s The “Direction” You Should Go

    The way things are going lately, I feel like I need to wear one of those neck braces! You probably have whiplash after watching the stock market recently. Up, down, up, way down and back up again. President Trump has had a lot of ridiculous tweets, but, I have to admit, he nailed one recently when he said, “When good news is reported, the stock market goes down. Big mistake.” No rhyme, no reason. Just, in my opinion, we’re dealing […]

  • Simon Says: Get rid of your fake friends! They’ll get you in trouble.

    DALLAS — This is a story about fake news, and it’s in the New York Times. Okay, before President Trump gets excited, the story is really about “fake followers.”  A so-called ‘social media black market’ that allows people to buy a following on places like Twitter. The article says athletes and celebrities do it to help with their influence and potential marketing deals. I like how one company says the followers will be ‘active’ and ‘high quality’ as if you’re buying […]

  • Simon Says: SUPER mistake! The NFL bans ‘Please Stand’ ad but allows Justin Timberlake?

    DALLAS — I’m sure some of you have heard how the NFL rejected an ad from a veterans group for the Super Bowl program. I guess suggesting  people stand for the National Anthem is too controversial, especially after a season of kneeling .  The NFL doesn’t want the program to be political. So you won’t see the ad before the anthem, but isn’t it ironic who will be actually be singing the words? Pink is great. Love her voice, but you gotta wonder […]

  • Simon Says: Got soap? I’m f***g tired of this kind of talk. Make this s**t stop!

    Time to get out the soap! Because the way things are going we’re all going to have to wash our mouths out. Think about it: thanks to President Trump, we’ve seen or heard words in news stories we’re not used to. C’mon,  I know you can figure it out. Doesn’t it seem like the bar is so low now on what kind of language is acceptable? It’s like if it’s mentioned at a “bar” than it’s OK. This shouldn’t shock you—kids […]

  • Simon Says: Grab the TUMS! Why I Can’t Stomach Another Celebrity President

    I want to be honest with you— Not too long ago, I had a man-crush on Donald Trump. I read his books.  I bought his ties.  I watched “The Apprentice.” Sure, I wasn’t a fan of the hair, but I’ve always appreciated people who manage to stand out and self-promote. But then, something happened—instead of talking about dealing with labor unions at his construction sites,  Trump focused on where President Obama’s mom went into labor. And here we are today. […]

  • Simon Says: You think 2017 sucked? Here’s the View From the Ugly Side.

    2017 sucked! I’m not the only one thinking this.   Some of you have started websites and message boards that will depress the hell out of you as you look back. Other than the few people who made money with Bitcoin and the guy who made the movie “Get Out,” who had a good 12 months? Well, the Russians did. Racists liked 2017.  I’m sure they relished all the attention. Hurricanes had a good, strong year. Computer hackers blew it out […]

  • Simon Says: You like Walmart or Target? In Alabama, that’s how people vote!

    So, you feeling blue or seeing red after what happened in Alabama? Having once lived there, I still can’t believe a Democrat is going to the Senate. That’s also because over 670,000 people believed the allegations of child molestation against Roy Moore. But remember this: 650,000 people overlooked that and wanted “Moore” with his less-than-stellar baggage. Despite the ugly accusations and “foot-in-mouth” disease from the Moore campaign, the result was nearly 50/50. We can say Alabama is nearly an even split […]

  • Simon Says: The office holiday party is dead, but here’s why it’s OK

    DALLAS — Having an office holiday party this season? Chances are it won’t be an open bar with a lot of vodka and chardonnay-fueled conversation. Yeah, it’s all because of them. There are reports many companies are putting ‘HR’ before the holiday this year. Some places have come up with rules about how to act and even dance. Hey, it’s not all bad. I know a guy who has a great rule: he never lets anyone take a picture of […]

  • Simon Says: If no one shows up to hear a racist, do they exist?

    There’s something that’s been sticking with me for a few weeks. I just can’t get it out of my mind. You know about Richard Spencer? Yeah, he’s the white supremacist who showed up in places like Charlottesville and Gainesville, Florida. It seems everywhere he goes, something else grows right in front of him: a crop of mic flags from local and national media. THAT is the thing that bothers me. Why do so many members of the media always show […]