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I am a Certified Sex Therapist, Couples Therapist, and Dating and Relationship Coach. Single, married or dating, I help you fulfill your relationship goals.

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  • Sex with Stefani: Is porn helpful in your relationship?

    I am Stefani Threadgill and I am your sex therapist. So I want to know: Has porn been helpful or hurtful in your relationship? The truth is, whether you like it or not, people are watching porn. According to Pornhub.com, in 2016 4.5 billion hours were streamed. There are a lot of questions people have regarding porn use especially when they find out their partner is watching porn. There is fear of being replaced. There is fear of expectation to […]

  • Sex With Stefani: Sex Toys

    I am Stefani Threadgil and I am your sex therapist. Let me ask you a question: If I were to walk into your bedroom and open your nightstand, what would I find? This is Sex with Stefani and we are talking about sex toys. This is not a topic that typically comes up in conversation, so we are going to talk about it here because there are a lot of concerns and questions that come up regarding sex toys. Let’s […]

  • Sex With Stefani: Why men lose interest in sex

    Hello everyone. I am Stefani Thredgill and I am your sex therapist. Ladies, have you ever been turned down for sex? I know that I have and I was really confused. Was it me? Did I do something wrong? In this segment, I am going to break down why men lose interest in sex. We’ve all heard it, or said it: “I’m not in the mood tonight.” Stereotypically, it’s the woman who doesn’t want to get it on. But a […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Questions that have you hot and bothered

    I am always talking to you about sex, but now here is your opportunity to ask your questions. After reading some viewer emails here are a few questions that you have on your mind. The first question: how many times do people have sex in a month on average? Well, according to the research by the Kinsey Institute, people between the ages of 18-29, have sex on average of 9 times per month. 40 and up, 6 times a month. […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Roadblocks to look out for to keep you out of a rut

    When people end-up on my couch, it’s not because their relationship is hot and heavy. It’s usually the opposite: there’s problems, and if not recognized, will mean a certain break-up. The key is accepting the road-blocks that have you and your partner in a rut. So, here’s what I’m gonna do—I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions. Think how they relate to you. Have you stopped taking care of yourself or make less effort in your appearance? Does one […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Want to have more sex? Scheduling could be your answer

    Yes… schedule. Wait, hear me out!

  • Sex with Stefani: Lingerie could heat things up in the bedroom

    You ever notice there seems to be a day for everything?  Like National Coffee day, Sibling Day, Dog Day, you get the idea here.  Made-up holidays that are supposed to get you talking. Well, nothing gets you talking and fantasizing more than lingerie. Each spring, we all get to celebrate National Lingerie Day! The only day of the year, where LESS truly is more. My advice when it comes to sorting through the bras and bustier’s is to pick out […]

  • Sex With Stefani: What do you think about during sex?

    You would chuckle at the answers I get. From imagining sex with an ex to saying to yourself “did I remember to start the dishwasher?” Yeah, far from sexy. An answer I rarely hear among couples is — pleasure. Famous psychotherapist Fritz Perls said, “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” Which simply means, get out of your head and into your body. Focus on giving and receiving pleasure through the sensual senses — look, hear, taste, feel, touch, […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Keeping it sexy when you’re NOT in the mood

    Okay, so, you’re not in the mood. Work is stressing you out? The kids are driving you crazy? I get it. No need to even explain. And despite popular belief — men don’t always feel frisky, either. A recent study found that wives are actually 84% “usually” in the mood, compared to 64% of their husbands. So, how do you turn down sex with your spouse without offending them? Well, first thing’s first — try to stay away from the […]

  • Sex with Stefani: In a rut? How you can steam up your sex life

    There’s no question, sex lives can have their peaks and valleys. And, naturally, the valleys can worry couples. It’s one of the reasons why couples go to sex therapy. It’s common to get comfortable in a relationship or to lose interest when it comes to sex. Some of the signs include less effort in connecting, trying less to impress, or comparing your relationship to others in your life. When people go to therapy saying they want more sex, what they […]