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I am a Certified Sex Therapist, Couples Therapist, and Dating and Relationship Coach. Single, married or dating, I help you fulfill your relationship goals.

Recent Articles
  • Sex with Stefani: What motivates you to have sex?

    What motivates you to have sex? There have been a lot of studies about this subject, and most of the answers you would expect. For men: it’s physical attraction, it feels good, and of course pleasure. For women, it is all of those things plus affection, being in love, and having sex is fun. All of those things follow the stereotype that women have sex for an emotional connection, and all men care about is getting physical. But my clinical […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Having sex is good for your health

    Did you know sex makes you live longer? It’s not just a line to get you into bed. Sex is actually good for your heart. Having sex at least twice a week may lower your risk for heart disease by half according to studies. A second added benefit: a 25-minute lovemaking session can burn up to 100 calories an hour. If you are an overachiever you can burn even more calories, which is a great excuse to skip the gym. […]

  • Sex with Stefani: the key to being a good kisser

    Kissing is tricky. It can kinda be like Goldilocks: a little too hot, or a little too cold. They key is to make it just right. But how?  It’s easy to be a little too intense, or not intense enough. First, start small. And communicating about what’s working really does, well, work! Another piece of advice is to mirror your partner. If they kiss softly, you kiss softly.  After all, lips do have 100x more nerve endings than fingertips. And […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Alone time can help you reach the “Big O”

    Remember the scene in “When Harry Met Sally” when the lady says, “I’ll have what she’s having”? It still makes me laugh! But you know what is not funny? It’s the fact that a lot of women can’t quite seem to have what she is having, and they blame their partner. Well, ladies, it is time to take matters into your own hands. There is nothing wrong with taking a little “alone time” exploring your body. That way you can […]

  • Sex with Stefani: is Valentine’s Day overrated?

    Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Well, certified sex therapist Stefani Threadgill believes it just might be. Valentine’s Day can be challenging for singles and couples. For instance, when it comes to those unattached bachelors and bachelorettes, it is really expensive. In addition, there are a lot of expectations for newly dating couples. If you have only been dating for a couple of weeks, do you ask her out? Or do you ask him out? Here in my office, expectations are often […]

  • Sex with Stefani: Sleeping in the nude can help heat things up

    Let’s talk about cooling things down in the bedroom to make things hot. In order to do that, you might want to think about getting naked tonight. Why? According to the National sleep foundation only 12% of Americans sleep in the buff. The naked truth is, men who wear lose fitting boxers during the day and sleep naked at night can reduce the DNA damage to their sperm by 25% according a recent study. For women who sleep naked, you […]