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    Boots Recalled Due to Tiny Swastikas on Soles

    It seems that a pair of boots is making the rounds on social media because of an apparent design flaw. These military-style boots by Polar Fox seem like your average men’s winter boots. even describes them as “Dressy, comfortable, and stylish.” But if you look underneath, the treads appear to be in the shape of swastikas. A Reddit user posted pictures of the soles, which of course, prompted hundreds of comments about the design. View post on The […]

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    Mom Says Snapchat Video Shows Son, 4, Forced to Kiss Boy at Daycare

    ARDMORE, Okla. – A mother is speaking out after she claims her son was forced to kiss another boy following a game of ‘spin the bottle’ at his Oklahoma daycare. Dominique Green said the alleged inappropriate incident happened a few months ago at her son’s school, according to KFOR-TV. “I’m standing up for these children, because somebody needs to,” Green said. Green said her friend sent her a video that was posted to the social media app Snapchat by an employee […]

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    Not Fiennes With It! Paris Jackson ‘Offended’ By Her Dad’s Portrayal In New Show

    UPDATE: TV Network, Sky Arts, has pulled their Urban Myths segment starring Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson.  UNITED KINGDOM — Seems like some actors are born to play a role. Like Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge, Jamie Foxx as Ray, even Will Smith made a great Ali. But, when word got out actor Joseph Fiennes would play Michael Jackson on TV — all hell broke loose! For obvious reasons. We had to see it to believe it and unfortunately the trailer for the premiere has popped up. […]

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    Houston Man Wants Apology After ‘Meth’ Found in ‘Bust of the Year’ Turns Out to Be Cat Litter

    HOUSTON — A Texas man says he is trying to clear his name after police confused cat litter with meth during a traffic stop. Ross Lebeau, of Cypress, Texas, told KTRK-TV he was taken to jail in December after authorities thought they found almost half a pound of methamphetamine in his car. Field tests even came back positive. “They thought they had the biggest bust in Harris County,” Lebeau, 24, said. “This was the bust of the year for them.” Last week the […]

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    Holy Bust! Pope Francis Preaches Women Can Breastfeed In Church, Public

    VATICAN CITY — For a while now, some people have shamed women for breastfeeding in public. Now, The Pope’s taken the controversial topic to church! Pope Francis encouraged all moms to take care of their babies whenever and wherever they need to. During his latest Sunday sermon, he reportedly preached, “you mothers go ahead and breastfeed without fear. Just like the Virgin Mary nursed Jesus.” Well, there’s been a handful of people, besides the Pope, standing up for breastfeeding moms […]

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    Major Moves: Study Says Dallas, Irving Best Place To Live After Graduating College

    NORTH TEXAS — Considering you can’t live in college dorms forever, finding a place to settle down isn’t cheap. Researchers over at  GoodCall says home is right around the corner. In fact, Irving and Dallas top their list for the 2017 Best Cities for New Grads. Big D came in at #9, while Irving takes the #4 spot. What makes the Dallas suburb, of all places, better than major cities across the U.S.? Well, according to researchers, the average rent only costs a […]

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    Fly Tattoos: Air Force Trashes 25% Rule To Boost Recruiting

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Before you even think about flying with the Air Force, everything from your eyesight to your tattoos gotta fly! But there’s some good news for those of you who’ve already got the ink and can’t rethink! The Air Force is loosening up a little and dumping their old 25% rule. The rule states no tattoos can cover more than 25% of a body part such as your chest, back, legs, or arms. They hope, getting rid of this rule […]

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    Think The 5-Second Rule Can Save You? Study Says, Think Again!

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — For some folks, eating food off the floor is considered sweet. To others, it’s just down right nasty! For the rest of the world, we live off the five second rule– When “it’s okay” to eat food that’s only touched the floor for 5 seconds or less! Well, times up, foodies!The latest study from Rutgers University in New Jersey says keeping count won’t keep the germs off! Whether it’s one to 300 seconds, the longer that chip lays […]

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    Family & Friends Of Teen Killed During NYE Party Say Final Farewells

    DALLAS — Christian Dawson planned to ring in The New Year just like everyone else. On NYE, the 19-year-old  went out with a group of friends to Azure Banquet Hall in Dallas to celebrate. The night took a turn for the worse when someone fired off gunshots into the crowd hitting and killing the Langston University student.  Cops say other victims were injured in the shooting but Christian was the only one who didn’t make it out alive. So far, no […]

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    Hollywood’s ‘Bad & Boujee’ Show Up For 74th Annual Golden Globes

    BEVERLY HILLS — Hollywood’s most Bad and Boujee came out for the 74th Golden Globes awards Sunday night. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross started the night making history for her show Black-ish. The 44-year-old is the first African American woman to win Best Actress in a Comedy Series in over 30 years! “This is for all the women, women of color, and colorful people whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy. I want you to know that I see you, we see […]