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    ‘Tough pup’ survives drug overdose after cops rescue him from owner’s truck

    CARROLLTON –There are a lot of things going on in the world that’ll make you shake your head and this next story is no different. Take a look at this K9. He’s recovering from one rough ride after Carrollton PD found him left by his owners in a truck outside of a home depot. But that’s just the “tail end” of this tragic story. “Officers went out to the parking lot and sure enough found the puppy on the floorboard of the passenger’s […]

  • Colorado to open America’s first drive-thru weed dispensary

    PARACHUTE, CO — It’s already pretty dope that you can legally buy marijuana in Colorado. Besides getting high on mountain time, some dealers are about to make it super easy to grab some green. Tumbleweed Express will be one of the first drive-thru dispensaries of its kind.This means you ain’t even gotta leave your car for some herb. Imagine that! The Parachute, Colorado location just got approved to open its windows in March. The old car wash turned fast-grass joint has a […]

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    Student grades ex-girlfriend’s four-page apology letter and sends it back

    DELAND, Fla. – A 20-year-old Stetson University student got a four-page letter from his ex-girlfriend apologizing for cheating and for the way their relationship ended, accepting the blame. Instead of going for the tissues, he grabbed a red pen. Nick Lutz tweeted photos of the letter with the caption,”When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back.” Lutz called out her “useless fillers” as well as her “lackadaisical” handwriting. He then summarized his findings […]

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    Dallas homeless graduate from local shelter’s recovery program

    DALLAS — For 25 years and counting, Dallas Life Homeless Shelter has helped thousands get back on their feet after several years of hardship. They’re not only providing food and shelter, they’re taking people off the streets and into a classroom! Bob Sweeney, executive director of the shelter’s “Homeless No More” program, says the ten-month program focuses on life skills, family counseling, and more. “Everybody has a story. I have one. You have one,” Sweeney told NewsFix. “Imagine being a part of a […]

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    Paw-paternity now a thing for some temporary stay-at-home moms, dads

    SCOTLAND — Whether, you’re pregnant, injured or sick as a dog, taking time off from your job to recover is always appreciated. If you happen to work at Brew-dog you might be raising the “woof” over their newest benefit. The brewery has hooked employees with Paw-Paternity. It’s pet parental leave that allows their workers to take a paid-week off if they’re welcoming a new fur-baby into their home. Believe it not, those dog days can get really ruff! Sounds like a sweet treat for those willing to work at the […]

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    FREE meal service to take off for some Delta flights!

    ATLANTA — Delta is bringing back free meals y’all,  and we’re not talking about those four peanuts and shot of sprite airlines try to throw your way either! Starting March 1st the airline plans to treat travelers to a complimentary breakfast, lunch , or dinner. This means, passengers flying out of NYC to L.A. and San Francisco will get first dibs on the grub while they plan to add more domestic routes later on. This is HUGE news for flying foodies. Especially since the September […]

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    NASA Announces Winner of Space Poop Challenge & $15,000! 💩🤑

    WASHINGTON, D.C.– Remember that $30,000 contest NASA launched last year? Well, It apparently took more than a rocket scientist to figure out how astronauts could successfully go to the bathroom in space. But, down here on earth first place winner Thatcher Corden is $15,000 richer for his crappy creation! The Texas native has reportedly come up with his version of an inflatable diaper that can be replaced through the opening of a space suit. Unlike NASA’s current get-up which doesn’t allow space-walkers to wear it for […]

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    Elderly Irving Couple Beaten & Tied Up During Home Invasion

    IRVING– You know it’s a sad situation when an elderly couple is beaten! It all went down Wednesday around 3:30 am when Irving PD says four masked-men broke the front window of an Irving home. Inside was an 83-year-old homeowner and his wife, sound asleep! “Once inside, they confronted the man and woman and restrained them and assaulted them,” Irving PD’s James McLellan told NewsFix. Cops say the guys severely beat the husband before tying and gagging him and his wife. Once the robbers reportedly […]

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    It’s all good! Give back to take a swing at ultimate golfing experience with Murray Brothers!

    You’re probably familiar with comedian Bill Murray. While he provides the laughs, his brothers Andy, Brian, Joel, John, and Ed provide food and fun! Back in 2001, they opened up the Murray Bros. Caddy Shack and together the bros are giving back! Along with running their business, every year they put on their Caddy Shack Charity Golf Tournament, benefiting various charities across the country! This time around, they’re giving you and three friends a swing at doing some good! If you donate $10 or […]

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    Diversity issue? Karlie Kloss apologizes for Geisha-themed Vogue spread

    NEW YORK CITY — It’s a beautiful thing when diversity is showcased in mainstream media! Vogue magazine thought they were doing that when they featured beautiful models on the cover of their recent Diverse issue. But, the real “issue” is inside the magazine. Model Karlie Kloss is getting called out for her Geisha-themed spread. Critics are calling it a form of yellowface. Has Vogue lost it? Karlie Kloss as a geisha. "What look should we go for this March?""How about yellowface and assorted […]