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  • Twitter’s getting fly with United Airlines over #LeggingGate

    DENVER, CO — United Airlines flew into a tight situation over the weekend, when they reportedly kept two passengers from boarding a flight. No, it wasn’t because these passengers were unruly– turns out, the ban was all behind a couple pairs of leggings. Before you get your panties in a bunch, the two teens were riding on passes — which are basically free tickets. Well, those passes are typically reserved for family and friends of airline employees and the leggings were […]

  • Randy Travis back in Big D, takes stage at Concert For Charities

    ARLINGTON — His music is considered timeless, but three years ago, it seemed like 57-year-old Randy Travis’ time here on earth was almost up. “We choose to live our life as if everything is a miracle ’cause I have one sitting right beside me,” his wife Mary Davis told NewsFix in an exclusive interview. “With heart issues and stroke issues it’s not something you can plan for, none of us plan for it.” When Randy was at the hospital three years […]

  • Man takes Richardson PD on high-speed chase after breaking into Lamborghini dealership

    RICHARDSON – If you have dreams of owning a Lambo, don’t go about it the way one dude did. Traffic on US 75 was held up Tuesday morning after a suspect attempted to take a new Lamborghini! Instead, he ended up taking Richardson Police on a fast and furious ride across town. Cops began their early morning wake up call when the suspect broke into Lamborghini Dallas in Richardson. “It started out as an alarm call at about 2:15 am,” explained […]

  • It’s all good! Take a swing at a chance to party with Hootie & The Blowfish

    Hootie & The Blowfish have been holdin’ on since the 80’s! While entertaining the masses with music is one of their missions, the band has also made a huge splash in the charity scene. Every year they put on their annual Monday after the Masters golf tournament. They’ve successfully taken a swing at raising millions of dollars for children’s educational programs. Now it’s your turn to step up and join the team. Head over to their Prizeo page where you can make a […]

  • Comerica Bank donates over 800 gowns ahead of prom season

    DALLAS — Prom season is upon us and for most students, the special night means memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, for the third straight year, Comerica Bank is cutting out the cost of gowns for hundreds of teens. They’ve gathered over 800 new and gently used prom dresses to give out for FREE! “I got a pretty dress for free and I won’t be going broke for prom,” said one student. Wednesday, volunteers rolled out the racks for the Boys and Girls […]

  • Pretty petty study finds beautiful people aren’t ‘marriage material’

    CAMBRIDGE, MA — Looking for that long-term kinda love isn’t easy, especially if you’re pretty. Well, that’s according to a two-part study by Harvard, claiming pretty people just aren’t the best marriage material. After gathering data from TWO women who rated good-looking guys from a high school yearbook, scientists took those “attractive” men and dug up their DNA. Turns out, their family tree revealed those guys were more likely to get a divorce. This study’s basically suggesting most pretty people inherit that […]

  • Is losing your phone as stressful as a terrorists attack?!

    What’s more stressful: a terrorist attack or losing your cellphone? Well, If you’re thinking “it depends on the day,” then you’re certainly NOT alone! Many others also agree, that losing your cellphone is about as stressful as a terrorist attack, according to a recent survey by Physiological Society. The study asked 2000 Britons to rank life events from 1-10, with 10 causing the most stress. To be fair, a lot of other reasonable things did top “losing smartphone,” which was only […]

  • ‘Wee Wee Booty’: Botched butt injections murder trial begins in Dallas

    DALLAS — The trial began Tuesday morning for Rochelle “Wee Wee” Ross who’s charged in the death of 34-year old Wykesha Reid. Ross is accused of performing several illegal amateur cosmetic surgeries on Reid — known in the streets as “The Wee Wee Booty.” “She kept this business in play and people went, women went,” the prosecutor said during opening statements. “These women wanted to be beautiful.” “The Wee Wee Booty” reportedly consisted of industrial grade silicone, which filled Reid’s […]

  • #EraserChallenge leaving kids scarred and burned

    They say history repeats itself and so do a lot of fashion trends. But boy do we wish most of these so-called “challenges” would just stay in the past! Back in 2014, kids were doing the #EraserChallenge where they’d take a rubber eraser and literally erase their skin off, causing burns and scars. Unfortunately, the disappearing act has reappeared again and it seems far worse than before. In videos heating up the internet, kids sing the ABC’s while rubbing away at their their skin. […]

  • New craft beer comes straight from the toilet bowl to the bar!

    SAN DIEGO, CA — There’s nothing more crappy than bitter beer! But one new brew has made us go from ‘bitter beer face’ to stank face without even tasting it. That’s because Stone Brewing Company’s newest batch of craft beer is made from sewage water! “Toilet to tap” is what the people are calling it. But the makers of the San Diego product are swearing by the sewage that their Full Circle Pale Ale taste’s more like fruit instead of feces. And If it […]