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  • Half of Americans are spending their entire paycheck (or more)

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Nearly half of Americans say their expenses are equal to or greater than their income, according to a new study from the Center for Financial Services Innovation. And for those 18 to 25 the percentage is over half, up to 54%. “Half of America has no financial cushion,” says Jennifer Tescher, president and CEO of CFSI, which released the study. “They are living really close to the edge.” Of the 25% who say they have too […]

  • Lawsuit claims Carrollton spa workers are ‘Peeping Toms’

    CARROLLTON — Spa Castle in Carrollton markets itself as a family friendly place to unwind and relax, but recent and disturbing allegations have some of their female clients feeling’ anything but royal. Attorney Geoff Henley says the establishment has a reputation of “…the Wild Wild West as opposed to something serene, tranquil, and controlled.” Henley has filed a lawsuit claiming Peeping Toms are lurking at Spa Castle, and it’s allegedly the spa’s own staff. “They’re leering at them, looking at them, […]

  • Dear John… Pregnant Serena serves McEnroe a classy clap-back for ‘offensive’ comments

    LOS ANGELES, CA — When it comes to tennis, Serena Williams is considered a queen of the court, even with a baby on board. The 35-year-old’s serving major pregnancy goals on the most recent cover of Vanity Fair. Check out my Vanity Fair Cover. Question- what do u guys think boy or girl? I'm waiting to find out but would love to hear your thoughts. pic.twitter.com/Nnq4VKCu8N — Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) June 27, 2017 But, like most women carrying around another […]

  • Forget a crop-top, Zeke bares all for ESPN Body Issue đź‘€

    DALLAS — They say milk does a body good but for our very own Ezekiel Elliot, lifting weights and running the ball has worked in his favor. You can check out the Cowboy in ESPN’s 2017 Body Issue — hittin’ the Heisman on ’em! And not too surprisingly, fans don’t see an issue with Zeke’s, uh, physique. The 21-year-old Elliot told ESPN he’s worked on his body and abs since he was 10. Other athletes featured in this body edition includes U.S. […]

  • Southwest flight diverts after woman tries to open emergency exit mid-flight

    DALLAS — A flight heading to Houston from L.A. had folks freaked out over the weekend after an unruly passenger caused a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing.  A suspicious woman reportedly tried to open the emergency exit door during the flight. “She ran and jumped over the seat, over passengers, grabbed the emergency exit,” explained Pamela Minchew. Minchew is an off-duty cop from Cleveland who was on the plane when everything went left. She also was the one who […]

  • Gay Pride is in session but not every state’s feeling the “love”

    Gay Pride month has painted cities across the country in the colors of the rainbow. Even Houston Police Department has decked out their ride rainbow style and it’s all in support of the LGBT community during the city’s annual pride parade. But there’s not much unity in Minnesota.  After finding out that the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Philando Castile was found not guilty in the court of law Twin Cities Pride is turning their backs on law enforcement. That includes […]

  • Two local cops indicted by grand jury for deadly officer involved shootings

    DALLAS — Two cops, two victims, one grand decision as Christopher Hess and Roy Oliver have both been indicted by a grand jury. “My office is committed to taking these cases to trial,” Dallas County DA, Faith Johnson, said in an afternoon presser. “When we looked at the Oliver case we knew exactly right off the bat that we had probable cause.” Former Balch Springs officer Oliver faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a public […]

  • Did Superman really make 46 times more than Wonder Woman?

    HOLLYWOOD, CA — Is Gal Gadot the actress who plays Wonder Woman really making 46 times less than Henry Cavill? The guy who recently played superman in Man of Steel is supposedly crushing Gadot on the pay scale. That’s according to a viral story sent out by Elle Magazine that apparently had social media shook! Simmer down Twitter because it’s looking like a bunch of fake news. According to a couple of calculations done by several other entertainment sources Gadot was […]

  • Tampon tax giving you a money cramp? This subscription service might make you feel better

    AUSTRALIA — That monthly visitor we like to call mother nature isn’t always welcomed. But, let’s be honest, the tampon tax isn’t either! It’s just another burden ladies have to deal with every four weeks. Well, a new subscription service like “sustain” are trying to eliminate the whole idea of paying extra to put up with your period. Texas is still one of the many states that tax feminine hygiene products! But, with Sustain women can sign up to get organic […]

  • REPORT: Mama Couch might be getting her bond revoked!

    TARRANT COUNTY– Ethan Couch is sitting in jail, but his Mom’s been chilling at home — likely on some sorta, uh, sectional. Well, that might change soon, because the Tarrant County District Attorney reportedly just filed to revoke Tonya Couch‘s bond for violating probation. So what did Mama Couch do? Well, she was allegedly caught with an alcoholic beverage. That’s the kind of stuff you don’t do when you’re on thin ice. Last year, Couch went down with her “affluenza” […]