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  • Cell phone video shows live rats chilling at Dallas Chipotle

    DALLAS  — We all know Chipotle has its history of health scares, but the latest one takes the cake … or should we say burrito bowl?! Check out customer Bahadir Han Koseli’s cell phone footage  of three real-live rodents chilling at the West End location on Market Street. Well… we actually think one is dead (or at least playing dead). In the now viral video, the customer claims “rats fell from the ceiling” while they were having lunch. They also […]

  • Luckily, Cowboys’ Whitehead got his dog back after it was held for ransom

    ADDISON — Leave it to the home team to have some sorta drama barking up just days before training camp. Like Lucky Whitehead’s bestie, Blitz. Safe and sound now but lucky wasn’t so lucky when Blitz was reportedly held hostage for ransom. In an Instagram post over the weekend, Whitehead revealed a friend was taking care of blitz last week while the wide receiver was out of town. He also claimed the unknown dog-napper, at the time, contacted him demanding […]

  • Family calls Arlington PD to take their baby away

    ARLINGTON — Take a look at this pic posted by Arlington police Thursday, one of their men in blue with a beautiful baby girl! But it’s the story behind this photo that’s tugging on our heart strings. Cops say they were called out to a business where a family of the 9-month-old  girl stood in the parking lot asking for help. According to their post “for many” reasons, the family claimed they could no longer care for the child. Before […]

  • Study says adults also fall victim to social media trolling and online-bullying

    MELVILLE, NY — In this day and age where social media is a part of our everyday lives, it’s not foreign to be a victim of cyber-bullying. While some of us think it’s just the kids who get picked on, a new study from Pew Research Center says it’s the adults too! The study claims at least 41% of them get harassed online in some shape or form. Those common forms of harassment are name calling and public embarrassment. Morning Dose didn’t […]

  • SEE IT! Former NASA engineer builds worlds largest water gun!

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – So what does a former NASA engineer do with his free time? Build a super duper Super Soaker of course! Ever since Mark Rober left the space agency, he’s made some outta this world gadgets on YouTube. But his previous project on the world’s largest Nerf gun has nothing on this water gun! Mark made the pistol so powerful it can fire jets of water 272 miles per hour! Can’t wrap your head around that? Well, […]

  • “Mental health day?” CEO says it’s okay!

    ANN ARBOR, MI — One woman’s email to her team, including her boss, might put taking a mental health day in high priority. Not a sick day. A “mental” health day. Check out her now-viral email: When the CEO responds to your out of the office email about taking sick leave for mental health and reaffirms your decision. 💯 pic.twitter.com/6BvJVCJJFq — madalyn (@madalynrose) June 30, 2017 We’d all hope our own boss would respond the way hers did. C’mon. Raise your […]

  • Hundreds show up at ‘Celebration of Life’ for Shavon Randle, teen kidnapped & killed after alleged drug deal

    DALLAS — It was a “Celebration of Life” fit for a princess. Hundreds gathered Saturday morning to say their final farewells to 13-year-old Shavon Randle. The teen has been on the minds of many since she was kidnapped and then killed in a disturbing series of events. “I don’t think it’ll ever be peace or closure,” a friend of the family told NewsFix. “For something like this to happen it could’ve been anybody’s baby.” The latest update in Randle’s case is […]

  • Facebook plans to build huge community, this time offline!

    MENLO PARK, CA — While Google’s building up their headquarters in Mountain View, California, just 20 minutes down the highway,  Facebook is loading something pretty huge in Menlo Park. Facebook’s calling their new project a  “village.” It will reportedly feature 125,000 square feet of retail space featuring a grocery store, pharmacy, and more. This won’t only add to the company’s perks, but it’ll also cater to the community! Their plan is to offer housing at below market rate to the […]

  • Dear Madonna: Letter from Tupac details break up with pop-singer

    DANNEMORA, NY– There’s at least one thing Pac and MJ had in common. They both had a fling with Madonna at one point in their careers. But unlike Michael Jackson, it did matter to Tupac Shakur if she was  black or white. Well, that’s according to a  letter that TMZ says Pac wrote while he was locked away in a New York prison for sexual assault. Addressed to “M”, Tupac basically breaks things off with the singer saying: “For you […]

  • Got a case of beer gut? Scientists might’ve just created a brew to help that!

    SINGAPORE — Drinking beer may be fun and all, but once the buzz wears off the six-pack you guzzled goes straight to the gut! But have no fear of the beer, scientists in Singapore say they’ve found the key to blast away that beer belly! It’s brew infused with probiotics which are considered good bacteria. Researchers claim they’ll naturally burn belly fat as you drink. Making this special brew reportedly wasn’t easy. Since beer contains hop acids which actually prevents […]