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Sarah Strackhouse grew up in Flemington, New Jersey and went to the Pingry High School in Martinsville. She then went to Lehigh University, where she played D-1 soccer and graduated with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Communications.

Sarah caught the news bug when she was interning in the graphics department at NY1 News in Manhattan her junior year of college. She lived in NYC the next summer to intern at FOX and NY1 News, and began sports reporting at school her senior year. Sarah also wrote for the Lehigh University school newspaper, the Brown and White, and was the Marketing and Graphics Editor for Lehigh’s leading academic journal, The Lehigh Review.

Upon graduation, Sarah moved to Hoboken, NJ and worked as a Graphic Designer for Fox Business and a photo-journalist for NY1 News in Manhattan, where she experienced Hurricane Sandy first-hand. Sarah then decided to make the move to west Texas and join the CBS 7 News team as a reporter/anchor/producer.

After two and a half years in West Texas, Sarah made the move to Plano and joined the KTEN news team as a morning anchor and frequently reported in the Midday show.

About a year later, Sarah joined the CW33 team as a reporter/mmj where she’s back in the field reporting!

Sarah enjoys doing graphic art, photography, reading, and eating cheese! She loves being outdoors, playing sports and doing MMA. Sarah live with her fiance and their two fur babies, a lab/pointer mix named Chubbs and a Bernese Mountain Dog named King. She can’t walk down the street without stopping to pet a dog and has a passion for trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Recent Articles
  • Plano engineer returns from Uganda after working on building a school!

    PLANO — You probably remember Devyn Howell, the civil engineer from Plano who went to Uganda with Engineering Ministries International to help build a school as part of a Hope Alive! project – well she’s back! “It takes usually about a week to adjust back to I’ would say normal life,” she says. Makes sense with the 20 plus hour flights and eight-hour time difference! “The trip was amazing,” she says, “we’d wake up around 630, we’d have devotions around 7 […]

  • Rare discovery made at an Arlington dig site

    ARLINGTON — A rare discovery at an Arlington dig site officially has a name. After four years of digging and cleaning off bone — this 20-foot reptile is ready for its close-up! “Here we have a skull of a brand new species of a fossil of crocodilian here, in front of us, Deltasuchus motherali,” says Dr. Ron Tykoski, Perot Museum of Nature and Science paleontology lab director. “Most of these fossils are right around 95-96 million years of age […] […]

  • Plano vigil held for 8 murdered in domestic violence shooting

    PLANO, Tx. – Less than two weeks after eight people and the suspect were killed in a domestic violence shooting in Plano – the community is coming together – to remember. “We just want to honor, and the life that they had, and the life that was taken so quickly and unexpectedly,” Junior League of Collin County president Sheri Steele says. “It started with family violence, but it went into something larger and violent — and that`s what you don`t […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Hispanic Heritage Month Part 1

    DALLAS — Chef Blythe Beck is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!  One of her favorite spots? El Ranchito on Jefferson in Oak Cliff right near her restaurant, Pink Magnolia! After 30 years in business, El Ranchito is opening a new restaurant in Arlington, and they’re family owned and operated! Blythe spoke to Jocelyne who’s been with El Ranchito about some of their most popular authentic plates. The Parrillada Mexicana The Cabrito al Horno On top of that – they have mariachi bands […]

  • Working out can keep you sane in the worst of times!

    DALLAS — Working out isn`t just about looking good, any industry professional will tell you it`s also about feeling good! “Physical activity is a great de-stressor, especially today`s world, today`s economy, definitely a good time to de-stress,” says Lilian Nwora, a Registered Dietician & Personal Trainer. A tip that everyone should probably pay attention to, but especially those who are dealing with significant stressors in their life – like the thousands who have been displaced from Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and whatever […]

  • A Latino immigrant is following her dream to make a movie – about a Latino immigrant!

    DALLAS — Some people grow up wanting to be a nurse, a fire fighter, or an actor. “Gloria” film director, Ana Torres, always knew she wanted to make movies, and now she is. “Gloria is just a story about how difficult it is to be an immigrant in a foreign country,” says Torres who moved from Mexico when she was 17. “You know, just from having to learn the language like everything that you go through on a  daily basis.” […]

  • Heart of Autism joins #NTXGivingDay for the first time!

    NORTH TEXAS – Non-profits are usually noble, helping incredible causes. But doing good work, takes money. “We need the money like anybody else,” says Nika Arastoupour, talking about Heart of Autism. “We’re all fighting a cause.” One day a year, North Texans come together in a big way to try to support each other. One of those groups is Arastoupour’s. It started five years ago after her son,  Mazy, was diagnosed with autism. “We give back to the local community for […]

  • Texas group plans peaceful rally at Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas

    DALLAS — You`ve probably heard about Robert E. Lee a lot more than usual in the past few weeks. That’s mainly because of the imminent removal of the statue of him at Robert E. Lee Dallas, a symbol to some people of slavery and racial division. “75% of the people in the entire Dallas population didn`t even know that statue existed until those people started to identify it,” says This is Texas Freedom Force, Robert Beverly. Dallas city officials have said […]

  • Mother of journalist recounts how she was supposed to be in the Twin Towers on 9/11

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – CW33 NewsFix Journalist, Sarah Strackhouse’s mother was supposed to be in the World Trade Center’s the day they came down, but luckily was not. This is her story: “It just wasn’t believable,” said Janet Strackhouse, “it was sad and you just burst into tears and you just can’t believe what you’re seeing at that point.” September 11th, the day the Twin Towers were attacked, the day two planes were hijacked by terrorists. That date 16-years-ago is […]

  • People of Dallas take their last photos of the Robert E. Lee statue

    DALLAS – If you weren`t from around the area, you`d think the Robert E. Lee statue was a hot spot for snapping photos. In reality, it’s been in the headlines the past several days, all the while jumping through a few hurdles. The timeline goes like this… Wednesday, the city voted to take down the statue because some see it as racist. Then, the Sons of Confederate Veterans said, ‘hold up, that’s breaking the First Amendment,’ and filed a restraining […]