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Sarah Strackhouse grew up in Flemington, New Jersey and went to the Pingry High School in Martinsville. She then went to Lehigh University, where she played D-1 soccer and graduated with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Communications.

Sarah caught the news bug when she was interning in the graphics department at NY1 News in Manhattan her junior year of college. She lived in NYC the next summer to intern at FOX and NY1 News, and began sports reporting at school her senior year. Sarah also wrote for the Lehigh University school newspaper, the Brown and White, and was the Marketing and Graphics Editor for Lehigh’s leading academic journal, The Lehigh Review.

Upon graduation, Sarah moved to Hoboken, NJ and worked as a Graphic Designer for Fox Business and a photo-journalist for NY1 News in Manhattan, where she experienced Hurricane Sandy first-hand. Sarah then decided to make the move to west Texas and join the CBS 7 News team as a reporter/anchor/producer.

After two and a half years in West Texas, Sarah made the move to Plano and joined the KTEN news team as a morning anchor and frequently reported in the Midday show.

About a year later, Sarah joined the CW33 team as a reporter/mmj where she’s back in the field reporting!

Sarah enjoys doing graphic art, photography, reading, and eating cheese! She loves being outdoors, playing sports and doing MMA. Sarah live with her fiance and their two fur babies, a lab/pointer mix named Chubbs and a Bernese Mountain Dog named King. She can’t walk down the street without stopping to pet a dog and has a passion for trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Recent Articles
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    CARROLLTON — It`s obvious we`re in the digital age, you can order food with the click of a button, date through an app, and now, you can even get mental health help by texting. “I actually happen to think it`s a great idea,” says Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Chemical Dependency Counselor, Dov Rabinowitz. “Often times on the phone they feel very uncomfortable.” He works at Carrollton Springs and also has his own practice. We live in a world where vulnerability is […]

  • Alfred Angelo bankruptcy sisterhood of the traveling dress

    CARROLLTON — Remember that whole bridal fiasco where Alfred Angelo shut down 60 stores across the country after going bankrupt? Well, many brides still haven`t heard from the company. They don’t know whether they`re getting the dresses they’ve paid for. Now wives across the country are helping brides say yes to *their dresses. “It was amazing!” Ishita Kent was married five years ago and wore an Alfred Angelo Disney princess dress. “Every little girl grows up dreaming of being Cinderella […]

  • Challenge Accepted: Oldest plane to ever circumnavigate the world!

    ADDISON – It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s–no, wait. That is a plane,  but not just any plane. This one’s pretty special. “It allowed to develop the business of commercial aviation,” says Francisco Agullo, captain of the Breitling DC-3 World Tour. Not only was the plane a monumental aircraft in World War II, but four months ago, Captain Agullo took off from Switzerland to make history with history! “The Breitling DC-3 is 77 years old and if we are successful […]

  • Accused pill mill doctor’s stepdaughter found dead in Dallas creek

    DALLAS — A teen found dead in a creek near Blair Park in South Dallas has been identified as 17-year-old Mikayla Mitchell. She’s the step-daughter of an embattled doctor from Sherman, Gregg Diamond. Mikayla’s body was discovered Sunday, just days after Dr. Diamond was arrested on unrelated charges. He’s accused of writing unnecessary prescriptions for hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, and more — allegedly leading to seven deaths. But patients say he’s getting a bad rap. “This doctor is one of the best pain […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Support Your Neighborhood Farmers Markets!

    PLANO — In a two part series, Blythe Beck heads out to the Plano Farmers Market to talk about supporting and showing some love to your neighborhood farmers and artisans! First up, she stopped by the Cowboy Candy Salsa stand for some free samples! ‘Cause who wouldn’t want a free sample? She met Spicy Tim and highly recommends the salsa! Next, she stopped over at the Special Touch Embroidery, which is family owned and operated right in north Texas. Charles […]

  • Brides panic as Alfredo Angelo stores close across the country

    FRISCO, Tx. – “It’s crazy, it’s crazy, crazy, crazy!” We all know planning a wedding can get, well crazy, but that’s not what Frisco stylist Candy is talking about. The groom didn’t jilt the bride in this scenario — the bridal shop did. Alfred Angelo Bridal in Frisco is one of 60 stores across the county to close suddenly after the company filed for bankruptcy. “These ladies have spent a beaucoup amount of money to buy these dresses, cause it’s […]

  • Fake News Alert! Just kidding, but there is a new smartphone Fake News Game!

    PLANO — We`ve heard a lot about this, “fake news” concept recently, but we have a story for you that is decidedly, not fake news. A fake news game came out just days ago, created by the digital agency, ISL. Basically, a headline pops up,  if you think it`s true, you swipe right, if not, you swipe left. You have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. Sounds simple enough right? Well, let`s see how people did… “Let`s play…” […]

  • More are opting for shared work spaces rather than working from home!

    DALLAS – Working from home can be tough! From kids, to chores, to pets, it can be distracting! But what if there’s a way to have your cake, and eat it too? Yea, believe it or not, you can, thanks to a growing trend: renting shared office spaces. “Great opportunity for us to have a place where all of our team members could come together,” says Access CEO  Tim Elliott. “We’re all over the country so most of our employees work […]

  • The tiny housing community in North Texas is getting bigger!

    ALLEN — If you`re looking to buy or sell a house in DFW, then you know the prices are sky-high right now. But if you’re tired of renting, and convinced a house is the best thing for you, there are options out there you may not have considered yet. “It could go from about $30,000 all the way up to $100,000,” DIY builder and tiny house enthusiast Shandra Morton says about tiny homes. “I’d had a house in Carrollton; it […]

  • Want to carry around a sword? You’ll soon be able to do so in Texas

    AUSTIN, TX — Wonder Woman had some trouble carrying her sword around when she visited London, but if she visited Texas after September 1, that’d be no problem! “I think it’s pretty unusual,” says Master Sgt. Jess Johnson. “It is what it is. What are you gonna do? It’s Texas,” says one local, Robert. Yeah, apparently Governor Abbott signed into effect the “Texas Knife Law Reform Bill,” meaning any knives or swords, longer that five and a half inches are […]