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Sarah Strackhouse grew up in Flemington, New Jersey and went to the Pingry High School in Martinsville. She then went to Lehigh University, where she played D-1 soccer and graduated with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Communications.

Sarah caught the news bug when she was interning in the graphics department at NY1 News in Manhattan her junior year of college. She lived in NYC the next summer to intern at FOX and NY1 News, and began sports reporting at school her senior year. Sarah also wrote for the Lehigh University school newspaper, the Brown and White, and was the Marketing and Graphics Editor for Lehigh’s leading academic journal, The Lehigh Review.

Upon graduation, Sarah moved to Hoboken, NJ and worked as a Graphic Designer for Fox Business and a photo-journalist for NY1 News in Manhattan, where she experienced Hurricane Sandy first-hand. Sarah then decided to make the move to west Texas and join the CBS 7 News team as a reporter/anchor/producer.

After two and a half years in West Texas, Sarah made the move to Plano and joined the KTEN news team as a morning anchor and frequently reported in the Midday show.

About a year later, Sarah joined the CW33 team as a reporter/mmj where she’s back in the field reporting!

Sarah enjoys doing graphic art, photography, reading, and eating cheese! She loves being outdoors, playing sports and doing MMA. Sarah live with her fiance and their two fur babies, a lab/pointer mix named Chubbs and a Bernese Mountain Dog named King. She can’t walk down the street without stopping to pet a dog and has a passion for trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Recent Articles
  • Clock Boy’s cousin SloMoe raps about Islamophobia

    IRVING — Who could forget “Clock Boy?” Well, now we want to introduce you to another unforgettable family member — his cousin, who goes by the name SloMoe. SloMoe is a rapper, busting rhymes for a cause, preaching against Islamophobia. In his song, “All About the Dollaz,” he says, “We need progress, and we gon’ protest for freedom equality, ain’t nothing less.” “Music is a great platform,” SloMoe told NewsFix. “There’s a lot of people that can be influenced by it, especially […]

  • How to play with gargantuan machinery in North Texas

    POTTSBORO – The jungle gym, the sand box, ahhh the good old days. What we wouldn`t give to be a kid again, at least just for a day right? Well actually, head up to Pottsboro and that dream could become a reality! “The Extreme Sandbox is a heavy equipment adventure company,” explains Extreme Sandbox of North Texas General Manager, David Beardsley. “We get a lot of people that have this on their bucket list, you know a lot of people that […]

  • Plano ISD officials clear up questions from parents worried about staffing

    PLANO — Many of us have great memories of school activities like theater, athletics, or playing an instrument. Some Plano ISD parents are worried about their kids making memories after a band director resigned and another retired. They say replacement numbers don’t add up. “We just heard that there will not be two full-time teachers on staff so that has me concerned,” says PISD parent of two, Mary Kirk. And she isn’t the only one. An email sent out to parents of band students […]

  • Howell Instruments has a long backstory to their Dean and Deluca player sponsorship

    FORT WORTH – We recently told you about wounded war hero John Faulkenberry, who’s actually playing in the Dean & Deluca Pro-Am Golf Invitational, but we didn’t tell you about the sponsorship that got him to the tee. “Howell Instruments likes to brag that we have 26% veterans; we have about 7% disabled veterans,” says Howell Instruments CEO Shep Brown. “So I challenged Francis: Find me somebody who’s worthy of this opportunity to play a round of golf with the professionals.” […]

  • Wounded War Hero says golf has saved veterans lives, including his own

    FORT WORTH  – It`s been a long walk for U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Retiree, John Faulkenberry. And we don’t mean from the tee box to the flag pin, we mean since his third deployment overseas. “In 2007,” says Faulkenberry, “I was in Afghanistan and I got shot and ending up amputating.” That’s when Faulkenberry says he was in his own sand trap. “Very low spot in life and I didn’t know what I was going to be when I grow up because all of […]

  • CG Victory gives a whole new meaning to burpees!

    PLANO – We know what you’re thinking when you watch this video. No, it’s not some kind of cruel and unusual punishment, it’s Burpees for Victory! “Camp Gladiator a part of that is our non-profit kids camp that we call CG Victory,” says Mark Hudspeth, Trainer and Regional Director with Camp Gladiator, which is a year-round adult outdoor fitness boot camp. “Something that we as the trainer force do with the company to partner with them, is to fundraise ourselves, […]

  • Time is ticking for Irving ‘Clock Boy’ after a federal judge throws out the lawsuit

    IRVING – Time may have run out for “Clock Boy” and his lawsuit against the city of Irving and the school district. Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that his teacher mistook for a bomb in September 2015. Ahmed`s father, Mohamed, filed a lawsuit that has now been thrown out. He spoke to Newsfix on Facetime from Qatar. “You know, this lawsuit is not finished, it’s just starting,” Mohamed said, “We will prevail because […]

  • #DogMom is getting more and more popular among 20-somethings

    DALLAS — Spunky songs are popping up for just about everything now, like the Activewear song. And with the internet basically at everyone’s fingertips, they can go viral pretty easily. Case in point, this new video, which hit the web last week and has more than 31 million views already! But this video is more than just a silly sounding song about dog moms. Oh no, it’s actually a real-life trend we’re seeing more and more of! Women are becoming “dog moms” […]

  • Grand Prairie PD giving out safety key lock boxes for elderly

    GRAND PRAIRIE — You`ve probably seen hundreds of commercials like the ones where they say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” But they never show you how the police get into the home. Well, Grand Prairie Police Chaplain, Emil Balliet, has a new idea that’s a little outside of the box, as part of the Senior Safety Program, to give police another entrance when helping senior citizens. “We have this extra key lock box for their home,” says Balliet, “the cover […]

  • Dallas Holocaust museum pushing “upstander” behaviors and training law enforcement

    DALLAS, TX. – Museums are supposed to be historical and educational, and while the characters may not come alive, like in Night at the Museum, museums can be a teaching tool to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. The Holocaust Museum in Dallas is no exception. “We talk about the difference between being a bystander rather than an upstander,” says museum president and CEO, Mary Pat Higgins, “we want to promote upstander behavior.” As we’re seeing in Syria, upstanders are in […]