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Richard is the owner of the Eisner award-winning Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas and co-creator of “the Variants,” a webseries about life in the comic shop. He is also freakishly good at handstand push-ups. You can follow Zeus Comics on twitter and instagram @zeuscomics or at zeuscomics.com

Recent Articles
  • The Flash S03 E17: The musical episode!

    Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s our musical episode of Flash, which means half an hour of dialogue and only five songs. The cast said “We’re in a musical” more times than the number of songs. I counted. Don’t get me wrong; the musical moments were amazing — like the two original songs I’m your Superfriend, featuring a tap dancing Barry and Kara and the closer Runnin’ Home to You where Barry re-proposes to Iris. That Grant Gustin can […]

  • Legends of Tomorrow S02 E15: A twisted new reality is coming with Doomworld!

    Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! With only two pieces of the spear, our Legends seek out the remaining pieces from the Legion of Doom, who’ve been hiding and attacking our Legends from…. the Vanishing Point! Arriving in stealth, our Legends reacquire two of the pieces from an object that Firestorm transmutes to jelly beans. Seriously, all the tasty snack combinations popped into my head. Firestorm is at the top of my next party invite list. Fearing the newly recombined Spear […]

  • Supergirl S02 E16: Mama & Papa Mon El, Art Thievery, and Supergirl eats a ton of apples

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! That ship that’s been hunting Mon El all season? It’s his parents! And they’re the monarchs of Daxam! Making Mon El royalty too! Who didn’t see that coming? I have some land on Krypton I’d like to sell you… This also means Mon El wasn’t a body guard to the prince but the prince himself. He’s been lying to Kara this entire time. The deceit doesn’t go over too well with […]

  • Arrow S05 E16: Susan Williams in peril, Felicity goes all in and Talia makes her present day debut!

    Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics Susan Williams in peril, Felicity goes all in and Talia makes her present day debut! We open on Oliver traveling to a snowy, foreign monastery to confront Talia about the student she once trained. And holding back nothing Talia reveals to Arrow what we already know – Prometheus is DA Adrian Chase. Talia also reveals to Oliver that she is in fact an Al Ghul and she aided Chase because the Arrow […]

  • Legends of Tomorrow S02 E14: Obtaining Spear fragments, a damaged Waverider and Amaya’s revealed future

    Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics Our Legends travel to 1970 to obtain the remaining Spear of Destiny left with Commander Steel who’s cleverly hidden the fragment in the American flag planted on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. What would have been a simple trip to the moon in the Waverider for a grab and go, turns into an adventure to prevent Eobard Thawne the Reverse Flash from jeopardizing the timeline. Thawne in his own […]

  • The Flash S03 E16: The Speed Force battle, Jessie owns HR and the first appearance of the Music Meister

    Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! In this episode it’s Barry versus the Speed Force and Jessie Quick versus Savitar! Wally is trapped in the Speed Force and it’s up to Barry to rescue him. Into the Speed Force dimension he goes! We get returning guest stars as the Speed Force whips up versions of Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, a Time Wraith, a zombified Zoom, Leonard Snart and Jay Garrick. No, wait! That’s not a Speed Force Jay […]

  • Supergirl S02 E15: Cadmus starts an alien roundup and Supergirl gets canned

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! Cadmus is rounding up aliens across this city using a secret National Alien Registry the DEO kept. Cadmus even gets aggressive, taking on our favorite alien bar in a showdown with Winn, Alex, Maggie and the Guardian! Kara tries to get a message out to warn potential alien victims through Catco, but Snapper Carr isn’t allowing it because the story isn’t properly sourced even with an assurance from Supergirl to Snapper. […]

  • Zeus’ Top 5 CW moments of last week’s shows

    Hello CW Super fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics and my inaugural countdown of Zeus’ top 5 moments from the week’s CW shows! 5 shows: Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Riverdale and 5 moments that made you go Hmmmmm 5 for 5 better than an Arby’s sandwich deal without the indigestion. And what’s better than a hot sarcasm sandwich? This week’s top 5 for 5: Sorry about it.  5 times the characters did something so epically wrong or stupid […]

  • Legends of Tomorrow S02 E13: A Human Giddeon, Evil Rip gets not-so-evil, and dinosaurs!

    Hello my Legends Legionaries! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! With Evil Rip captive aboard the Waverider, it’s doesn’t take long for him to take control of Giddeon, escape his cell and set the ship into self-destruct mode. Fortunately, Jax is able to regain control of Giddeon by rebooting. No literally, it was tech support. “No – we’re not having issues in your area… have you tried restarting your time ship? Give that a try.” The momentary loss of Giddeon sends […]

  • The Flash S03 E15: Iris and Barry’s engagement in jeopardy, Julien and Caitlyn on Ice, and Savitar returns

    Hello Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! We open the episode with Wally passing the speed test to save Iris in a trial with Flash and Jessie. Giving hope to the team and ending with a celebration as Barry and Iris announce their engagement. But wait! A robbery at the Central City Bank send Barry and Wally speeding off. But not Jessie… because she’s too busy fawning over the engagement ring. Which is always my dilemma: jewelry or crime […]