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Richard is the owner of the Eisner award-winning Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas and co-creator of “the Variants,” a webseries about life in the comic shop. He is also freakishly good at handstand push-ups. You can follow Zeus Comics on twitter and instagram @zeuscomics or at zeuscomics.com

Recent Articles
  • Arrow S05 E22: Can Arrow & unlikely band of villains take on the League of Assassins?

    Hey, Team Arrow! Who’s ready for the Season 5 finale?! Let’s recap last week first. We kick off with a surprise birthday party for Oliver Queen, because all is safe. Adrian Chase is locked away and our heroes have won. Ahahaha – nope. Maybe, just maybe, if this were the series finale… but we’re not even at the season finale. And that Prometheus guy is CRA-ZY. Oh, and does this mean Oliver’s birthday is near every apocalyptic season end? Oof. […]

  • The Flash S03 E22: Powering the speed bazooka, Captain Cold, and a theory on Iris’ death

    Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s 24 hours before the death of Iris West! And we know this because the producers told us in a text graphic at the beginning of the episode. And we’re going to get to the end of that countdown with the death of Iris scene we’ve been shown all season long! First with the Flash Squadron needing a power source to power the speed bazooka, Cisco conducts a search and discovers a […]

  • Supergirl S02 E21: The Daxamite invasion, Prez Lynda Carter gets shifty, and Superman finally shows up!

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! National City is under siege by an alien armada led Queen Rhea of Daxam! And Rhea’s plans are expected. Lay waste to Earth, build monuments and pyramids to create New Daxam and enslave Earth’s population. What will ensure this? A marriage between the Prince Mon-El and Earth brightest Lena Luthor. Between the costumes, the lasers shooting down on the city and the campy lines this episode was giving me classic Flash […]

  • Arrow S05 E21: Prometheus’ conclusion, Dereck Sampson released from prison and connected dots

    Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s a Queen Family revelation and a Prometheus conclusion… or was it? With D.A. Adrian Chase now wanted for Prometheus’ murders, his legal cases for Star City are thrown out resulting in 36 dangerous criminals being released. One in particular is Derek Sampson, who you may remember from earlier in the season as the drug dealer who fell into a vat of chemicals and came back to life impervious to pain and […]

  • The Flash S03 E21: Barry get his memory wiped and Savitar’s amnesia causes some time loop problems

    Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics With the Savitar reveal as a time remnant Barry, one still alive after he finished the purpose he was created for. Remember Barry plucks versions of himself from time with the sole purpose to die when faced with an impossible threat. But this burned, scarred Barry lived and he tells us the real Barry and Flash family, not knowing how to deal with him, rejected him. This rejection corrupted the personality of […]

  • Supergirl S02 E20: It’s a James Olsen, guardian-centric episode + Batman character possibilities?

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s a James Olsen, guardian-centric episode as James struggles with the image that the Guardian projects. He wants something not unlike Superman – a hero, bright and hopeful. The Guardian, however, wears a mask hiding his face and his armor is a dull gray… not unlike another brooding DCU character. Winn, who says the Guardian is more like Superman’s pointy eared “frenemy,” tips us off that Batman exists in this Universe. […]

  • Riverdale S01 E12: murder, drugs, incest and the big season 1 reveal!

    Hello Riverdale Class of 2017! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! Well! There you go! The killer confirmed! It was a surprise ending if only because there’s still another episode to go. Last week I said I thought Joaquin might be the murderer. I was wrong-ish. While he wasn’t the killer, he still had knowledge, and was guilty in the cover up. This episode also revealed multiple secrets beyond just the murder. In FP’s confession to Sheriff Keller, he tells us […]

  • Arrow S05 E20: The Olicity rescue and all the criminals about to show up

    Last week, Prometheus set off an EMP — trapping Oliver and Felicity in the Arrowcave. It also disabled the spinal implant, leaving Felicity paralyzed. So which side of the Olicity camp do you fall on? Do you want to see them together? Or do you like them better apart? Because for the next hour of Underneath, we’re going to be going back and forth with them as they work together to get out of the Arrowcave. Plus, a flashback to […]

  • The Flash S03 E20: Savitar’s identity is exposed! (Spoiler alert)

    Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s the Savitar reveal! And I called it! But really it wasn’t a very big suspect list… Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “I know who you are”. The Flash Squad is on a mission to secure physicist Tracy Brand who develops a future prison to trap Savitar – operative word is “future” because Tracy hasn’t developed it yet. In fact, this Tracy is so junior she’s even thinking about quitting school […]

  • Supergirl S02 E19: Silver Age Comics villain returns as National City coming under alien attack

    Hello, my Supergirl Superfriends!! We kick off our episode with Supergirl muscling her way through a hostage situation that Maggie seemingly had under control. This pits Maggie and Supergirl at odds. And after tense dinner conversation, Supergirl storms out, which wasn’t very “Super” like. So Alex goes after her, leaving Maggie back at her own apartment. And it’s not until the next morning that both Supergirl and Maggie realize Alex is missing. I don’t know about you, but my husband […]