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  • How to make the Freshest Margarita and the Mercadito for National Margarita Day

    It’s National Margarita Day and what better way to celebrate than make, you guessed it, Margaritas!? JP De Loera, Brand Ambassador for Milagro Tequila, shows Kevin Roth how to make the Freshest Margarita with Milagro Añejo and the Mercadito. The Freshest Margarita 2 parts Milagro Añejo Tequila 1 part fresh lime juice ¾ part agave nectar Glass: Rocks Garnish: Lime Round Directions: Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass and […]

  • Resume Rules You Shouldn’t Break

    So you’re in the market for a new job and writing up your resume is the next step. You’ve Googled tips on how to make yours the best, but you don’t like some of the suggestions you’ve found so you decide to make your resume your own. Well stop it! Here are some rules you need to stop breaking, according to Forbes: First up, keep your resume simple  Don’t make a really complicated resume with too many colors and quirky descriptions for […]

  • What Kids Like About Sidewalk Chalk Paint

    If there’s anything kids love, it’s making a mess.  So why not be able to make a mess AND be creative at the same time?  That’s where RoseArt’s Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes in!  You know RoseArt, they make crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints and more!  Well, their new Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint comes in Neon Jumbo Paint Markers, Neon Washable Sidewalk Chalk, the Glitter Rainbow Roller, and the Spray Painter with Stencils.  And since this is for kids, Eye […]

  • How To Be Politically Polite

    Even when it’s not an election year,  people get pretty heated about politics.  Whether it’s in person, or on social media, there are folks that aren’t shy about their opinions. So how do you navigate all those situations?  Just ask National Etiquette Expert,  Diane Gottsman. She says, “It all boils down to one word: and that’s respect.”  So what are you putting out there?  Are you being offensive?  Will what you say or post come rub people the wrong way?  […]

  • Throw The Perfect #TBT Party

    Everyone loves throwing a great cocktail party in the Spring but how do you create a fun night that isn’t your regular, old cocktail party? Nowadays, everyone is so into social media – so why not throw a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) Party! Entertaining Expert Paul Zahn has three budget-friendly tips to help you throw the best Throwback Thursday party ever. First up, make a candy bar. Put out some classic candies from your childhood like Smarties, Dum-Dum Lollipops, Pop Rocks, Air […]

  • A Day in History: March 22nd

    Who knew March 22, 2016 was so historical?! In 1457, Gutenberg Bible became the first printed book to be mass-produced. Thomas Jefferson in 1790, became the first US Secretary of State. In 1872, Illinois became the first state to require sexual equality in employment, meaning women were allowed the opportunity to join every profession. In 1946, the 1st US rocket to ever leave the Earth’s atmosphere flew 50 miles up. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1972, was named MVP by the NBA. […]

  • Some Good News To Brighten Up Your Day

    A man finally gets his wish to take his wife on a honeymoon.  Mike and Cynthia Lavorin married seven years ago, but didn’t get to take a honeymoon after Mike was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly before wedding. Mike’s situation is terminal, so Cynthia contacted the Dream Foundation. This dream-granting organization for terminally ill adults and their families granted his final wish: to take the honeymoon they never had. Volunteers are needed to cuddle newborns in North Carolina.  Babies in hospital neonatal […]

  • Streaming Is Changing The Music Industry

    When was the last time you downloaded a song or bought an actual, physical CD? More and more people are swapping out their music libraries for online streaming and subscription services like Pandora and Spotify. According to Billboard, streaming and subscription services are blowing up. 24% of the money Universal Music Group made in the second half of 2015 came from places like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.  Streaming is great for the fans and makes money for the record labels but the artists’ themselves barely gets paid. On average, […]

  • Margarita Sampler at the Hard Rock Cafe!

    To celebrate National Margarita Day the Hard Rock Cafe is hooking you up with some salt rimmed specials spirits.  They showed us the “Air Mexico” which is three baby margaritas with chips and salsa.  The flavors include pomegranate, mango, and blue curasao.  Plus they also got three other special flavors, wild berry, cucumber, and watermelon. All to make the “Air Mexico” they combined some Avion tequilla with margarita mix and some Cointreau.  Then they salted some glasses, poured it in, […]

  • UFOs Declassified: That’s Weird

    For centuries unidentified flying objects of all shapes, sizes and color have been reported from around the world. From strange lights recently recorded over a corn field in Krakow, Poland to an unknown triangular craft in Amsterdam, UFO sightings are everywhere and growing in number. However, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Reported sightings were so abundant in the mid 20th century that the United States Air Force began cataloging them in a study called project Blue Book. Recently, all of […]