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Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
Dallas is my home, Chicago has my heart. #GoCubsGo

Recent Articles
  • Rapper Dee-1 teaches Dallas kids financial literacy

    DALLAS — Financially literate. It’s something that is expected from everyone, but no one really talks about it. That, however, may soon all change thanks to a rapping math teacher that isn’t afraid of talking or rapping about the taboo subject. “My message is be real, be righteous, be relevant.” Dee-1, whose video about paying his student loans back went viral, has a special formula he’s teaching his students. And on Friday, he stopped by Charles A. Gill Elementary School in […]

  • #MissingDCGirls: Where are they?

    DALLAS — Nearly two dozen teens have gone missing in the Washington D.C. area this year, and it has parents and lawmakers calling on the FBI for help. Right now, 22 cases are still unsolved — many of them African-American and Latina teens. So far this year, there has been a total of 501 children reported missing; most of whom have already been found. Oh yeah, and those social media posts that claim 14 girls vanished in 24 hours just isn’t […]

  • Boom Box: The Real Love and Hip Hop

    DALLAS — It`s not uncommon to find love on the job.  When you spend that much time with someone, sometimes the sparks start to fly.  And for entertainers who are around backup dancers all the time, these hook-ups happen more often than you think. For example, Britney Spears not only dated her backup dancer, Kevin Federline.  They were married in 2004, had two kids and divorced quickly in 2007. Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd fell in love on the set of […]

  • William Singe: From YouTube star to superstar

      DALLAS — There are some songs that, let’s be honest, you don’t really appreciate until another artist makes it their own. Sometimes you hear the lyrics in a way you never thought you would. Well, Australian-born musical genius William Singe is doing just that. Ignition x Don't Mind – @rkelly X @kentjonesofficial Now live on YouTube Youtube.com/williamsinge A post shared by William Singe (@willsinge) on Sep 14, 2016 at 4:48pm PDT Singe stopped by NewsFix before his Dallas gig. He’s […]

  • Boom Box: Hip Hop Radio Personalities

    DALLAS – Being a radio personality is awesome!  So we totally understand why so many people want to do it, including famous people! Over the years, several Hip Hop and R&B artists have switched their careers from being played on the radio to playing on the radio. Like Nick Cannon, he’s known for being an artist, comedian, and actor but he was also a morning show personality in New York for a few years. Then there are classic Hip Hop artists […]

  • Workout Review: Dallas trainer tells us to keep it moving!

    DALLAS — So you started off the year right and it’s been all about that #NewYearNewMe and Summer 17! You’ve been meal prepping, hitting the gym, and even laying off cheat meals on the weekends but its March and you`re feeling about as motivated as someone with a chronic case of the Mondays. Well, Dallas fitness trainer Joshua Corona has some advice to get us rolling again. “Trying to get momentum and keeping it, that’s very hard! Two weeks in, three weeks in, […]

  • Krewe de Etoiles: The Authentic Mardi Gras Ball of Dallas

    DALLAS — This time of the year signifies the start of many things like Spring, Women’s History Month, and Lent, just to name a few. But before Lent, you’ve got the party known as Mardi Gras. Some say the Big Easy is the only place to really get down on Fat Tuesday. Well, that’s all changing this year with thanks in no small part, to the woman who played a big part in organizing the Krewe de Etoiles, Annia Jenkins. “I […]

  • You can own the BMW Tupac was shot in

    LAS VEGAS — Would you be caught dead driving the car that Tupac was shot in? Yeah, may sound a tad morbid, but that black BMW is now for sale. The notorious ride is going for a sweet $1.5 million. Suge Knight was behind the wheel and Tupac was riding shotgun when they were ambushed in Las Vegas back in 1996. Pac died six days later. The ride is back in tip top shape but it still has bullet holes in […]

  • ‘Colorblind’ 5-year-old’s haircut is causing a lot of buzz!

    In some ways, society seems focused on getting through childhood quickly. But one kid is making it okay to think like an actual kid from time to time, while at the same time, teaching grown-ups a thing or two along the way. For his five-year-old birthday, Jax rosebush told his mom he wanted a buzz-cut so he could look exactly like his best friend Reddy. According to his mom, he said he couldn’t wait to get to school with his […]

  • Recent LGBTQ talk is makes headlines in sports and movies!

    Disney is all about breaking barriers and broadening their horizons. For example Moana, the new show Elena of Avalor and just Tuesday they made history by airing the network’s first ever animated same-sex kiss. But they’re not stopping there! According to the director of the highly anticipated live-action film, Beauty and The Beast, Gaston’s sidekick, Lefou played by Josh Gad, not only wants to be like Gaston but also wants to be with him! The director says Lefou is just […]