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Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
Dallas is my home, Chicago has my heart. #GoCubsGo

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    Fort Worth holds Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day!

    FORT WORTH — It’s not rocket science that little girls don’t really get too excited about becoming engineers. Statistics say fewer than three in ten graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are women. But some companies are working to change that. Statistics say fewer than three in ten graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are women. But some companies are working to change that. “I always liked, working, looking at cars. It’s just interesting how all this stuff happens […]

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    Robert Battle: The Future of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

    The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is known for being one of the richest treasures of the art known as dance. What began with Alvin Ailey and a group of young black modern dancers on March 30, 1958, soon evolved into a revolution of African American participation in 20th-century concert dance. The native Texan’s technique was vibrant; a mix of expression and rebellion of ballet. Ailey was known as a Cultural Ambassador for the world and you can see why […]

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    John Wiley Price finally gets his day in court

      DALLAS — And it begins! After just one day, the jury selection is complete for the highly anticipated federal corruption trial of the Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price and his assistant Dapheny Fain. On Thursday morning in downtown Dallas, the jury started hearing the accusations.  Four hour’s worth of reading! The trial officially began Tuesday morning with jury selection and a warning from the judge that the case could last ’til June. Seems like it will take forever but […]

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    Tiny dancer takes on big role in Hansel & Gretel production

    GARLAND — Hansel and Gretel; the German tale that goes back about 200 years, has been revamped and reimagined by the Royalty Dance Academy in Rockwall. “This Hansel and Gretel show is much different because of our teacher, Ms. Gabe. She writes her own version of the ballets and has her own scenes and creates everything herself,” says dancer and lead character, Tatum Wolf. “There are ice cream queens, and there’s also Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad […]

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    Judge Blocks Texas from Cutting Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood

    AUSTIN — It looks like the lone star state was trying to play a little Texas Hold’em when it came to Planned Parenthood. But District Court Judge, Sam Sparks, called the bluff. Saying the state cannot hold Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood groups. And Texas isn’t the only one to suffer a setback with judge’s rulings.  Interceptions have also taken place in Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. While some think this is a victory for women, this has been […]

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    You’ve been accepted to Columbia! Oops, not really

    NEW YORK, NY — These days, there’s so much pressure to get into college. And when you finally get that acceptance letter, it feels like success and accomplishment all in one. But for nearly 300 Columbia University graduate students, dreams were crushed when it turns out, their acceptance letters were sent out by mistake. According to the university, there was a “human error,” and they didn’t really get in! “We deeply apologize for this miscommunication. We value the energy and enthusiasm that […]

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    Hand Drawn Pressing brings modern twist to vinyl

    ADDISON — We all love a good comeback. And what better example of one than the return of vinyl?! Dustin Blocker, Chief Creative Officer of Hand Drawn Records, is all about record restoration. He knew he needed something big to bring his table-turning vision to life. “What’s the next evolution of the label look like? And we saw it as being vinyl as kind of a thing that we could hold on to,” Blocker said. “It goes along with our aesthetic […]

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    Grand Prairie PD Offering Safe Exchange Zone

    GRAND PRAIRIE — These days, shopping online is a must! But sometimes meeting up for the sale, as we’ve learned in the past, can be extremely dangerous. That’s where one police department is stepping in with a new sales pitch. “I am proud to announce that the Grand Prairie Police Department has entered into a public and private partnership with Offer Up; an innovative program to protect our citizens against those who wish to use pure commerce as a means of […]

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    Fashion Fix: Food in Fashion

    DALLAS — When it comes to fashion, design and creativity are everything. When it comes to food, presentation and flavor are crucial. So, what happens when the best of both worlds collide? Welcome to the first ever Food in Fashion show at Trinity Groves. “Greater Dallas Restaurants, wanted to have an event that got them closer to some of the students in the culinary programs at the high schools as well as close to the trustees of the Dallas Independent […]

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    Plane Problems: Harrison Ford’s Close Call–Again!

    Actor Harrison Ford’s real life turned into a scene from one of his movies! And it all happened at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana California with the actor’s single-engine plane and a passenger jet. Ford’s plane was cleared to land, but instead of landing on the runway it landed on a taxiway, next to the runway. He soared right over an American Airlines 737 that was getting ready to take off. We accept your apology, Ford, but the FAA […]