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Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
Dallas is my home, Chicago has my heart. #GoCubsGo

Recent Articles
  • Kaytlynn Cargill: Police pursuing every lead in death of Bedford teen

    BEDFORD – Bedford police are pursuing every possible lead in the death of Kaytlynn Cargill, the 14-year-old girl whose body was found in an Arlington landfill just days after she went missing. Katlynn went missing Monday night, when she was last seen walking her dog about 6:20 p.m. near the Oak Creek Apartments. Police found the dog tied to a fence at a dog park; Kaytlynn had reportedly asked others to watch the dog for a minute but never returned. […]

  • ‘Count the Kicks’ App saves baby’s life!

    DES MOINES, IA — Apps can be used for all sorts of things; games, fitness, and even news, but for Emily Eekhoff, an app saved her baby’s life. “We were a little scared because things weren’t right – so we came in and yea we were very thankful that we did,” says Jeremy Eekhoff. Emily was 33 weeks pregnant when she noticed her baby bump wasn’t bumping at all. Emily says, “Some days it would be quieter but this was like […]

  • Summer 17′ isn’t the hottest summer, but it’s still a scorcher!

    If you live in Texas, you probably have a conversation about how hot it is least five times a day on the regular. And to think summer has just begun! Scorching summers are a big part of living in the lone star state – that’s no secret. But just what type of sweltering heat are we looking at? Well, according to the National Weather Service, there isn’t the slightest indication summer 17′ will be any hotter than average. Your daily […]

  • LaVar Ball signs autograph deal for trading cards and it’s not cheap!

    LOS ANGELES, CA — If you’re into basketball, chances are you’ve heard of Lavar Ball. You know, the outspoken, frank, father of NBA prospect, Lonzo Ball. Well that guy locked in a deal with Leaf Trading Cards! We know what you’re thinking, to get a card autograph deal, you need to actually play ball, right? Well not necessarily. These aren’t action shot cards or even him playing ball back in the day. The cards have unique sayings from Mr. Ball […]

  • Miss Black Texas cleared in Commerce road rage case, investigation finds arrest not racially motivated

    COMMERCE – You can file this under pageant queen vs. police chief! Looks like Miss Black Texas Carmen Ponder is in the clear, along with the white officer accused of calling her a derogatory name. “I did trust the law and the law did come into play and it did show that I didn’t do anything wrong, said Ponder. On May 20, the 23-year-old got caught in a road rage situation outside of a Wal-Mart in Commerce. She says the […]

  • Order up: Lady Gaga teams up with Starbucks for kindness!

    Anything remotely related to the 90’s is banking right now. From fanny packs to Pokémon, you have to admit, today looks a lot like the 1990’s. Miller-Coors is hoping to cash in during red, white, and blue day by bringing back a classic! Remember Zima? You know, the clear malt beverage from the early 90? Well, a Miller-Coors spokesperson says Zima will be available in six-packs and should taste just like you remember! But don’t get too excited – it’s […]

  • A bad coworker is bad for your health!

    We’ve all had that one coworker who makes work a living hell. But a crappy coworker can give you a lot more than just a case of the Mondays. They can actually be bad for your health. According to a new study from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, workers can experience headaches, stomach problems and sleeplessness because of colleagues’ bad behavior,  ultimately making you sick! So what do you do? First up, take a step back and […]

  • #AmberRoseChallenge in full bloom!

    LOS ANGELES — At some point during the Cavaliers and Warriors game four of the NBA Finals, everyone stopped to smell the roses. Amber’s roses, that is. By now you’ve seen the photo of no-pants Amber all over the internet, in all her glory showcasing her bed of roses with the caption #AmberRoseSlutWalk. But this isn’t the first time she’s used provocative photos to raise awareness for her feminist movement. This one, in particular, promotes her third annual Amber Rose Slutwalk […]

  • Boom Box: The Canadian Invasion!

    DALLAS — It’s pretty common knowledge that music and fashion are trendy.  They’re constantly changing! In the past 30 years we`ve gone from Euro Pop to Soft Sock, Grunge, East Coast and West Coast Hip Hop,  Dirty South, Party Rock and so on. Currently, it appears Atlanta is dominating the charts with artist like the Migos, Future, and Gucci. But actually, there are also our neighbors to the north, Canada!  Have you noticed we are dealing with a Canadian invasion? Yep, […]

  • 16-year-old stabs Uber driver to death with a machete

    CHICAGO, IL — An Uber driver is brutally attacked with a machete and cops in Chicago say his killer is a 16-year-old girl. “She begins to hack at him and stab him from the back seat,” says Assistant State Attorney, Michelle Cunningham. The ride from hell started early Tuesday morning when Grant Nelson picked up 16-year-old Eliza Wasni from Walmart. Investigators say as soon as the teen got into the car, she started stabbing Nelson with a knife and a machete […]