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Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
Dallas is my home, Chicago has my heart. #GoCubsGo

Recent Articles
  • Dating Tip: top lies singles tell in America

    DALLAS — If you’re single and you lie when you’re dating, you aren’t alone. At least that certainly rings true for  Match’s 2017 Single in America Survey. So what do singles lie about? While age may seem like a common fib, it isn’t at the top of the liar list. What is? Sexual history! Yeah, liar, liar pants on fire – literally, if you’re not careful. 19.2% of people lie about the number of sexual partners and/or their sexual health. This […]

  • Fyre Festival scam? Festival-goers find chaos instead of fun in Bahamas

      It’s almost summer and you know what that means….festival fever! And what better way to kick off the festival season than heading to the Bahamas for a luxurious weekend full of fun in the sun with the Fyre Festival? The only problem? It was a complete and utter disaster. The music fest, organized by JaRule and entrepreneur, Billy McFarland promised performances by Pusha T, Blink 182, Desiigner and more. Sounds like a dream right? Too bad it looked more […]

  • Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ headed to straight to Netflix – no lie.

    The Departed, Casino, and Goodfellas. What do these cinema classics have in common? Besides making a ton of money, they all involve movie director, producer, and screenwriter extraordinaire, Martin Scorsese! Yep, it’s no secret he’s created plenty of big box office hits. But what he’s doing now is potentially a game-changer! He’s skipping the silver screen altogether and instead is making a film called The Irishman that’ll go right to Netflix! You get to Netflix and chill with a brand new Scorsese […]

  • ESPN cuts 100 jobs & on-air talent as sports industry changes

    BRISTOL, Conn. — It’s too bad ESPN didn’t foresee massive layoffs coming a few years back! The sports giant just cut 100 players and many were first string. Cuts included Ed Werder, Jayson Stark, Jay Crawford and Danny Kanell. “It’s unfortunate. You never want to see someone lose their job. ESPN is a great corporate partner to Bristol,” says Mayor Ken Cockayne. In a statement, ESPN’s president said: “We are constantly evaluating how we best utilize all of our resources, […]

  • Plagiarism or coincidence? Artists fight over Chicago Mural of Michelle Obama!

    CHICAGO — They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Too bad most of the time, especially when it’s imitating someone else’s work, it’s called plagiarism. And that’s exactly what’s going on with this Chicago work of art. A new mural of Michelle Obama, painted on a building just a few blocks from where she grew up, is drawing quite a bit of criticism. Many say the artist, Chris Devins, plagiarized it. The original is based on the work […]

  • The major mental health consequences of being a first responder

    It’s no secret, first responders have a hard job. These heroes put themselves in dangerous situations, almost on a daily basis, to save others. And because of those risks, sometimes work comes home. Firefighters, paramedics, and police officers have job stress goes way beyond strict deadlines and annoying coworkers. According to the Harris Poll Survey done by the University of Phoenix, 34% have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder like depression or PTSD, which is where things like Code […]

  • My iPhone burned me!

    LAKE JACKSON, TX — This next story is seared to perfection and we’re not talking about a roast. We’re talking burns from an iPhone. On Saturday, Luke Schillhab did what a lot of us have done, got into the pool with his phone. So the next day, he decided to put his iPhone in rice, (to soak up the water of course) and after a while, he took it out and went to sleep with the phone. Well, turns out […]

  • Say goodbye to Jet Lag, eye drops could be the cure!

    EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — Attention all travelers, there just might be a cure for that horrid jet lag after all! Yeah, researchers at the University of Edinburgh say eye drops are the cure. Well, more accurately, the potential cure. All because of the little link between our biological body clock and our eyes! The data from our eyes helps the brain make decisions on temperature and hormone production. So, where do they eye drops come in? Well, new evidence now proves that […]

  • Boom Box: I love the 90’s

    DALLAS — You have to admit, the 90`s produced some of the best Hip Hop and R&B of all time! And since it’s 2017, let`s go back 20 years and see what gems 1997 gave us. DFW`s very own Erykah Badu stepped on the scene with a sound and style of her own with Baduizm. That album debuted at number on billboard’s top R&B and Hip Hop albums and produced several hits including On and On. Missy Elliott’s freshman album, Supa […]

  • The Germinator is Back! Dirk signs on for his 20th season with the Mavericks!

    DALLAS — Number 41 is coming back! While it’s been assumed that the greatest player in Mavericks history would throw in the towel after the 2017 season, big man Dirk Nowitzki said he intends to play next year – which would be his 20th in the NBA. “Looking forward to doing the same program again this summer, maybe with a few tweaks here and there sit together with the trainers and be ready for camp. Everything is moved up a […]