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Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Fashion Fix and Boom Box segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
Dallas is my home, Chicago has my heart. #GoCubsGo

Recent Articles
  • Dear Jerry: NFL sends letter to Jerry Jones on recent behavior

    FRISCO TX — This beef between Jerry Jones and the NFL is getting good! By now, we know Jones isn’t team Roger Goodell and there’s been some ruckus between the two. So because of that, the league sent a letter to Jones’ attorney accusing the Cowboys owner of conduct detrimental to the league’s best interests. Oh it’s bad. The letter accuses Jones of sabotaging negotiations! Earlier this week, NewsFix told you that Goodell was looking for a $50 million dollar per […]

  • No blue check for you! Twitter unverified a bunch of white nationalists

    Receiving a blue check from Twitter can be an honor but having it taken away can be an online blow. Yep! Just ask white nationalist Richard Spencer and the guy who led the Charlottesville protest; Jason Kessler. They’re the latest to go from blue check to no check. We’re talking unverified. No mistake! Twitter says its guidelines are being updated due to confusion that verifications were endorsements So if you’re out there promoting hate or violence you could get a […]

  • Want to be a Social Media Influencer? There’s a degree for that!

    MILAN, ITALY — We all know Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and other Social Media Platforms, can be a great marketing tools if you know how to use them. But if you don’t, well, you’re in luck! You can now get a degree as a Social Media Influencer and get jobs where they let you play online all day. Condé Nast Italia, College of Fashion & Design is entering a digital era by now offering a Social Academy According to Women’s Wear […]

  • Cards Against Humanity is tackling Trump’s border wall this holiday season

    There’s only one card game that can be obscene, raunchy and hilarious all at the same time; Cards Against Humanity! And for the past few years, the geniuses behind the card game, have rolled out a holiday stunt. This year, they’ve decided to take on President Donald Trump, by buying land. Well, it’s not just any old plot, its land along the U.S. Mexico border. Their goal is all about making it as time-consuming and expensive as possible to build […]

  • Latest on Roy Moore’s sexual allegations

    MONTGOMERY, AL — Roy Moore isn’t stepping aside. Republicans continue to speak out about the Senate nominee, following allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls dating back more than 30 years. Moore responded on Twitter: Our children and grandchildren’s futures are on the line. So rest assured — I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight! (4/4) #ALSen pic.twitter.com/QfN0GM7EMh — Judge Roy Moore (@MooreSenate) November 9, 2017 Moore is getting support from Republicans in Alabama. One even cited the bible to […]

  • Majic Mic: Top earning dead celebrities

    The fine folks at Forbes magazine are at it again.  They just published their annual top-earning celebrities list!  It`s funny how some people make more money dead than I ever will alive! For instance, Albert Einstein. He’s been dead since 1955 but just earned $10 million dollars for his estate last year. That lands him at number 10 on the list. Next up, John Lennon of the Beatles. Yoko is still getting checks. Lennon has been dead for almost 40 […]

  • Kevin Spacey’s house of cards continues to fall and now Louis C.K is under fire

    First, it was House Of Cards, then it was his publicist now, actor Kevin Spacey has been cut from an upcoming movie. Yep! Spacey is being replaced by the Plummer, Christopher Plummer that is on the feature film All the Money in the World. Director Ridley Scott made the announcement and says Sony Pictures is fully behind him. It’ll probably cost all the money in the world to replace Spacey since he had already started filming. They’ll have to redo […]

  • The Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative: Fight back against sexual harassment!

    Gretchen Carlson. Perhaps one of the most recognized journalists out there is now being recognized for something else, female empowerment. “Women are saying enough is enough.” Almost a year ago, the former Miss America winner filed a lawsuit against FOX C.E.O, Roger Ailes. She won $20 million and is now taking what happened to her and using it to help others. “It really troubled me, like how do I help the single mom who’s already working two jobs just trying […]

  • Unforgettable Night: Trump gets a tour of the ‘Forbidden City’ and talks North Korea during Asia trip

    BEIJING, CHINA — President Donald Trump is in Beijing today as he continues his first trip to Asia. And he arrived to a red carpet welcome by the Chinese government. But before POTUS even touched on any of the tough topics, his trip has already made history. The Chinese president hosted the President and First Lady, with a dinner and gave them a tour of the Forbidden City. An honor not given to any other United States President! And that’s not […]

  • Netflix halts production of ‘House of Cards’ due to Kevin Spacey assault allegations

      “House of Cards” is falling down. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Spacey’s talent agency and publicist have both said peace out to the actor. Spacey has been rolling with the agency since 2009. Oh, and while that was going on, Spacey’s foundation disappeared from the internet. The program was founded in 2010 and mentors kids as they pursue careers in the arts. But, as of Thursday night, both the website and Twitter account went dark. All of this […]