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Nice to meet you, I joined the CW33 team in November 2017 to escape the cold, and of course to follow my dream to tell community stories that make a difference.

Before moving to Dallas, I was working at the NBC/CBS affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota as a Crime and Safety Multi-Media Journalist. I covered some major murder cases, as well as investigated stories that brought resolution for victims.

I graduated from North Dakota State University, you know, the football team that often goes to Frisco and wins national championship after national championship. GO BISON!

I’m proud to say I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota! The land of 10,000 lakes and my beautiful family that taught me the importance of community. I enjoy cooking, eating, fitness, shooting video and photography. I love that our station allows us to bring a creative element into telling the stories that belong to you, the people of Texas.

Got a story? I’d be honored to tell it, send me an email at nicole.johnson@cw33.com, or follow me on social media.

Recent Articles
  • Dallas woman says someone broke into her house and stole her 3 dogs

    DALLAS — On Tuesday, a Dallas woman arrived home from work to realize someone broke into her condo. “I went to the door, and the door was unlocked, and then as soon as I opened the door I saw that the kennel was open,” says Trish Rogers. Someone stole her three dogs. She says someone broke into her house through a side window and stole a few other things too. She filed a police report, but says she doesn’t care […]

  • Rules about cellphones more relaxed at this year`s Byron Nelson Tournament

    DALLAS– Rules regarding cellphones at this year’s Byron Nelson are more relaxed than they have been in the past. You will still need to have your phone on silent at all times, however, you can now take a selfie out on the green. You can also shoot video as long as it’s not live. Where you’re going to want to use some common sense though, taking that phone call. While you are able to carry on a conversation in designated […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Treat your poison ivy with homemade stuff

    DALLAS– On this week’s Spice of Blythe, Blythe Beck shows us how to treat your poison ivy with household items you already own! She is the head chef and owner of Pink Magnolia in Oak Cliff. Blythe did some research on what helps to relieve the pain and rash that comes with poison ivy after someone in her house fell victim. Grab some tea bags, some lemons, cucumber, and baking soda and she’ll help get prepared in case you walk […]

  • Dallas high school officials say 25-year-old posed as Hurricane Harvey victim to play basketball

    DALLAS — A Dallas high school has thrown out a student who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. 25-year-old Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley had already graduated from a Mesquite high school a few years ago. “It was almost impossible for this to happen, had it not been for Hurricane Harvey,” says Dallas IDS Superintendent, Dr. Michael Hinojosa. He says that Gilstrap-Portley wanted to relive his athletic glory days, so he pretended to be a Hurricane Harvey victim and re-enrolled […]

  • Here are some custom license plates you won’t be seeing on Texas roads!

    DALLAS — It`s no secret people in Texas sure do love their custom plates! You can express yourself for around $50! But, watch your mouth. Thousands of ideas are turned down every year by the Texas DMV. Here are a few that you may find comical. For some reason, a few drivers really wanted to call others on the road nerds. The seemingly fan favorite is anything having to do with weed. To be fair, this one could possibly have […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Spike your lemonade this summer!

    DALLAS– Summer is here! Blythe Beck, owner and head chef at Pink Magnolia says you should try her spiked lemonade ideas!  

  • Deep Ellum grassroots organization offering free mental health counseling

    DALLAS — Murals, music, or a mug of beer. Deep Ellum seems to be in the spotlight these days. However, there is something going on the creative neighborhood that isn’t pictured on any of the painted walls. Suicide, depression and mental health issues. Anthony Delabano was in a band, Spector 45. He says, “I tried to commit suicide several times.” It all began back in 2011. Delabano says, “The lead singer of my band committed suicide, that was pretty much […]

  • Dear President Trump: a letter from the people of Dallas

    DALLAS –President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence came to Dallas on Friday the the National Riffle Association Convention. We;ve heard from those heading to the NRA Convention, and we’ve heard from those who are protesting outside the convention. However, have we listened to the over a million others in Dallas who are trying to earn a living, pay for healthcare, or raise a family? NewsFix asked a dozen people in Dallas what they would say to President Trump if […]

  • Dallas NRA convention to bring 80,000 attendants, President Trump, and multiple protests

    DALLAS — It`s check-in time for those heading to the NRA Convention in Downtown Dallas. One NRA member tells us he is going to the convention because he is concerned about gun control. “My right to own a gun I guess you`d want to say, for protection and hunting,” he says. Another man came to Dallas all the way from Canada. He says he came for second amendment rights, “In Canada we are losing ours, very quickly!” Meanwhile, those who […]

  • Spoiler alert: Are there wedding bells for Dallas CEO starring on reality TV show?!

    DALLAS– Do you hear that? What`s that sound? Wedding bells? Well, not sure about all that. However, we are now able tell you how a Dallas based love story ends! Remember the beginning? Local CEO, Stephanie Johnson starred in Lifetime reality show, Love at First Flight. It`s a show where strangers are paired, then travel around the country together. If they fall in love after all that stress, they can get married at their final destination. Stephanie was paired with […]