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  • troy ave shooting

    NYPD: Graphic Video Shows Brooklyn Rapper Opening Fire at T.I. Concert

    NEW YORK CITY — A shocking turn of events in the T.I. concert murder investigation. NYPD just released graphic video that appears to show Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave opening firing on the crowd — killing his own bodyguard. Cops released the video Thursday after arresting Troy Ave, whose real name is Ronald Collins. There are reports Troy Ave shot himself to cover up the crime, but cops say — the video speaks for itself. This all went down Wednesday night […]

  • Casey Anthony

    Casey Anthony Investigator Admits She Killed & Buried Daughter

    ORLANDO, FL — Just one day after we hit you with the Casey Anthony sex scandal story, the same private investigator is dropping yet another bombshell. He admits Casey Anthony killed and buried her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. This is not news to the folks who closely followed the case, dubbing Casey “America’s Most Hated Mom.” Jose Baez hired private investigator Dominic Casey during the trial. According to WFTS, Dominic Casey said Baez told him he “needed all the help he could get to find the […]

  • fort worth zoo gorilla

    We’re Going Bananas Over Cute Baby Gorilla & Girl at Fort Worth Zoo

    FORT WORTH — We can’t stop saying “Awwwwwwww!” This picture of a baby gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo playing “monkey see, money do” with his new bestie is just too cute for words. That’s Gus and 2-year-old Braylee. Aren’t they adorbs?!?! We aren’t the only ones going bananas over these two. From Twitter to Facebook, this picture is being shared thousands of times. Awww… Gus was born in December at the Fort Worth Zoo and he’s already a rock star. But […]

  • running man challenge

    Detroit Police Do ‘Running Man’ in Recruitment Video

    DETROIT, Mich. — Detroit police are using a unique tactic to new recruit officers; they’ve posted a Running Man challenge video showing cops busting some serious moves to Ghost Town DJ’s My Boo. And they’re lighting up the internet while they do it — so far, the video has more than 3 million views on Facebook. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the video shows the importance of connecting to the community. “Morale is key here, and relationship with our […]

  • Jonathan Lowe

    Crappy Day: Reporter Arrested for Pooping on Lawn

    GOODYEAR, AZ — A news guy in Arizona will forever be known as the #2 reporter in town. That’s because he got arrested for pooping on someone’s lawn! Talk about a crappy day, eh? Jonathan Lowe was working a story for KPHO when nature called. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Sooo… he went and copped a squat on someone’s lawn. And get this, cops say when they showed up at the news van, Lowe told them, “I […]

  • suspectvictim

    Stepdad Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old for Jumping on Bed

    CLAY COUNTY, Texas — An 18-year-old Texas man is charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting and killing his 3-year-old stepson. The motive? Cops say George Coty Wayman was mad at little Dominic Traj’Juan Castro for jumping on the bed, according to 48 Hours‘ Crimesider.   The shooting happened Tuesday at the family’s mobile home in a remote of Clay County near the Texas-Oklahoma border. Initial reports indicated that the child accidentally shot himself. George Coty Wayman is charged with the capital murder of 3-year-old […]

  • nike-sb-dunk-low-premium-starbucks-1

    Yes, the Nike Starbucks Sneakers Are Real…

    You can now “Just Do It” with the Nike Starbucks sneakers. Yep, it’s a trenta-sized collaboration that no doubt is causing buzz. Dubbed the “Nike SB Dunk Low Premiere Starbucks Edition,” the sneakers are brown-colored with streaky swirls of khaki, which of course looks like the steam from a fresh cup of joe. The Nike swoosh is the same green and white colors as the Starbucks logo. The sneakers are available now for a limited time at select Nike retailers. And […]

  • house of cards

    House of Cards — Robin Wright Demands Equal Pay & Gets It

    NEW YORK — You gotta fight, for your right — to get paid, baby! And that’s exactly what Robin Wright did when she found out Kevin Spacey was getting a fatter paycheck than her. The House of Cards star clearly pulled a Claire Underwood and demanded to be paid equal to Spacey who makes $500,000 per episode on the Netflix hit. Wright was making $420,000 per episode. “I was like, ‘You better pay me or I’m going to go public,'” […]

  • catintestine

    Video Shows Texas Students Using Cat Intestines as Jump Rope

    SAN ANTONIO — We warn you, the details you’re about to read are gruesome. Cellphone video shows high school students in San Antonio using cat intestines to skip rope during anatomy class. As you can imagine, it’s sparked a passionate debate on social media. In the video, someone can be heard yelling “Faster!” as a male student from Winston Churchill High School jumps over the length of cat gut. “This is anatomy.. Jump roping with cat intestines,” reads one video caption, […]

  • gas station

    WATCH: Worker Bashes Man’s Truck for Taking Too Long at Gas Pump

    LANCASTER, Calif. — Don’t you hate when people take too long at the gas pump? Especially when you’re in a hurry? Sometimes, you just want to jump out and bash their car — but you’d never actually go through with it, right? Well, a Valero gas station worker in California did! Video shows her armed with a bat, hitting the man’s truck several times, even busting out his tail lights while screaming, “Go right now! I told you to move,” among other […]