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  • bad boss

    Bad Bosses Can Make You Sick!

    A study done by found 77% of employees suffered physical symptoms of stress from dealing with a bad boss, and 60% were more likely to suffer heart damage.

  • Bat wheelchair

    Dad Turns Daughter’s Wheelchair Into Batmobile for Halloween

    This dad turned his step-daughter's wheelchair into the Batmobile for Halloween.

  • A recovered aluminum metal patch bears high similarity to a unique patch on Amelia Earhart's aircraft, says an aircraft recovery group. Credit:	TIGHAR

    New Clue? Historians Find Part of Amelia Earhart’s Plane, the Electra

    Historians and aviation experts are confident they’ve found a part of Amelia Earhart’s aircraft, The Electra. Could one of aviation’s most enduring mysteries be solved? An aircraft recovery group says it may already have a part of Amelia Earhart’s plane, and it thinks it knows where to find the rest of it. The International Historic Aircraft Recovery Group says new testing of a piece of metal found in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean in 1991 gives the group […]

  • Haunted door

    ‘Ghosts’ Attack News Crew in Haunted House

    YORK COUNTY, Penn. — From our sister station in WPMT: Homeowners in Hanover, York County say their house is severely haunted, with more than one ghost — and turns out, they’re not real polite when company (or a news crew) comes over.  Read Katie Kyros’ full story here…

  • http___makeagif.com__media_10-30-2014_M2jiP6

    FULL LIST: Movies Arriving, Leaving Netflix in November

    A new batch of films will be added to Netflix’s streaming service in November, giving subscribers plenty of choices as we head into the winter. The list includes movies being added on Nov. 1 (and other dates) and the list of movies being removed from the streaming service. The majority of the films/TV shows being removed are expected to disappear by Nov. 1. Coming to Netflix in November (arriving Nov. 1 unless otherwise noted): About Cherry (Nov. 30) Altman (Nov. […]

  • An unmanned NASA rocket exploded early Tuesday October, 28, 2014. According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET. It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. No loss of life occurred in the failed NASA rocket launch Tuesday, a spokesman for the agency told CNN.
Credit:	NASA

    Fire in the Sky: More Than a NASA Rocket Blew Up

    Top NASA scientists weren’t the only ones devastated by the $200 million Antares space ship exploding like a $3 bottle rocket. Students from Houston’s Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and San Antonio’s Hobby Middle School had science projects onboard the rocket. “I was, like, really depressed because of all that hard work,” Hobby student Kalista Ybarr said. “Luckily we still have all our information and we still have all our ingredients,” Tony Holmes said. “We just have to put it […]

  • bad signal

    Bad Signal: AT&T Sued for Misleading Unlimited Plans

    The Federal Trade Commission is suing the phone company for allegedly reducing the internet speed of customers who were paying for “unlimited” data plans. The FTC claims AT&T started throttling back in 2011 and say it’s affected at least 3.5 million customers.

  • music

    Work to the Beat: Top Three Songs to Perk Up Your Performance

    According to a recent Northwestern University study, listening to certain music not only makes us feel more powerful, it can actually trigger other physical and psychological responses that are useful in the workplace and other social contexts.

  • Jose Canseco during an interview with Rick Sanchez in 2007.
Credit:	CNN

    Shooting the Bird: Jose Canseco Accidentally Shot Off His Finger

    Canseco, who hit more than 450 home runs during his 17 seasons in the big leagues, was hit when his semiautomatic handgun accidentally went off, Las Vegas police said.

  • white house sex scandal

    Hacked House: Secret Service Sex Scandal While White House Hacked

    The White House gets hacked while Secret Service investigator David Neiland allegedly does business with a prostitute. Hypocritical considering Neiland had headed the Secret Service sex scandal investigation involving hookers in Columbia.