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  • #Dallas4Ferguson: Protesters Arrested After Shutting Down I-35

    DALLAS — It went from peaceful to tense Tuesday night as hundreds of Ferguson protesters shut down I-35 near Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Seven protesters were arrested when they refused to leave, backing up traffic for miles for at least an hour. Things started earlier in the evening when more than 200 people peacefully marched to DPD headquarters on Lamar Street, demanding justice for Michael Brown and all victims of police brutality. After the prayer vigil, part of the group decided to […]

  • bell ringer

    Check Out This Rock Star Bell Ringer!

    A Salvation Army volunteer in Sterling, Illinois is bringing some style to the bell-ringing routine. According to WQAD, for eight hours a day, nearly everyday until Christmas, you’ll find Keith White and his red kettle outside the Kroger grocery store. Even during snow, White forgoes a winter coat — preferring to stay warm by shaking his whole body to the beat of the bells. “People would stop me at different places, we’d be out to eat or shopping, and they’d […]

  • Darren Wilson Injuries Ferguson (3)

    Darren Wilson Breaks His Silence: ‘I Wouldn’t Change Anything’

    (CNN) — Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he was sorry for the loss of life when he shot unarmed teen Michael Brown last August but that his conscience is clear because he was simply doing his job. The interview, which aired Tuesday night, is the first by Wilson, who had not been seen in public since the August 9 shooting. The death of Brown sparked violent demonstrations in the days after the shooting and again on Monday […]

  • quake

    New Normal? Fifth Quake in 4 Days Shakes North Texas

    IRVING, Texas — Hey, you feel that?! No, you’re not crazy. Another earthquake shook up things in North Texas Tuesday afternoon. It’s the fifth quake in four days! The U.S. Geological Survey reports this one as a 2.7 magnitude about two miles northeast of Irving — near the Old Texas Stadium. That area’s been shaking and rattling since late Saturday when a 3.3 quake caught everyone by surprise. Of course Twitter fired up with everyone asking — you feel that?! The […]

  • People rush into the entrance of Macy's

    Why Black Friday “Deals”… Aren’t Really Deals

    NEW YORK CITY — If you’re experiencing déjà vu this Black Friday, there’s a reason: Retailers are repeating products and prices from last year. A whopping 93% of stores surveyed are offering customers year-old products for the same “discount” that was offered last year, according to a recent study from NerdWallet. While that may not be a huge issue for things like furniture and cookware, it does matter when it comes to tech and electronics that can be outdated or of […]

  • Darren Wilson

    Dear Supporters: Officer Darren Wilson Pens Open Letter

    ST. LOUIS —  Officer Darren Wilson is thanking is supporters in a handwritten letter. The letter, which was asked to remain private, was released by an anonymous source after a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. It reads: To all of the pro Officer Wilson Supporters - I would like to thank you all for standing up for me during this stressful time. Your support and dedication is amazing and it is […]

  • teddy bear dog

    Dog + Teddy Bear + Gym = You’re Welcome

    If you workout the entire year, you don’t need New Year’s resolutions, right?! Right! At least that’s what we believe Munchkin the Teddy Bear believes. Well, Munchkin is actually a dog dressed as a teddy bear that’s hitting the treadmill and now is a YouTube sensation! She hasn’t eaten a carb in a month in preparation for Thanksgiving and is trying to get in as many pre-feast workouts as possible so she doesn’t undo all of her hard work. That’s commitment […]

  • Darren Wilson Injuries Ferguson (9)

    His Side of the Story: Officer Wilson’s Testimony Released

    FERGUSON, MO — Just hours after learning Officer Darren Wilson would not face charges Monday night in the shooting death of Michael Brown, his statement to the grand jury was released. Wilson testified he shot at Michael Brown for a second time when Brown turned on him. “As he is coming towards me, I tell, keep telling him to get on the ground, he doesn’t. I shoot a series of shots. I don’t know how many I shot, I just […]

  • Innocent protesters caught in chaos run for help

    PHOTOS: Chaos in Ferguson

    FERGUSON, MO —  Ferguson, Missouri looks like a war zone. Violent protests erupted Monday night just minutes after it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson would not face charges in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Protesters are facing off with police officers, setting cruisers on fire, and burning buildings to the ground. Officers decked out in riot gear are using smoke bombs and pepper spray to clear the crowds. As of late Monday, it is not not working. Ferguson isn’t […]

  • Michael Brown's stepdad tells crowd to "Burn this b**** down!"

    Watch: Brown’s Stepdad Urges Crowd to ‘Burn This B**** Down!’

    FERGUSON, Missouri —  New video shows Michael Brown’s stepfather screaming for a crowd to “burn this b**** down!” It was captured just minutes after learning the grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson, Missouri Officer Darren Wilson. Before Louis Head’s outburst to the crowd, Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden broke down screaming — “they took my baby!” Head’s words contradict a PSA released by Brown’s biological father last week calling for peaceful protests. The Brown family’s attorney addressed the video and criticized […]