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  • temple-mob

    Video: Angry Mob Attacks Students & Police, Punching Horse in the Face

    PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – Here’s a real mob scene! When a social media post sent a flash mob to this theater in Philadelphia– and much of the crowd was turned away– the angry teens took to the streets near Temple University and started robbing and beating up college students! Sebastian Brennan, a sophomore at Temple, said “it was crazy. They were just jumping random people.” The violent mob even attacked two police officers and punched a police horse in the face! […]

  • FILE -- Jared Fogle, the long-time Subway spokesperson, speaks with guests inside a Subway restaurant.

    Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway for Not Telling Police He Was a Pedophile

    NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — “Finding out that your husband and the father of your children is a child predator, and knowing that his job involved him in visiting schools on a regular basis, is devastating.” For the first time ever, Jared Fogle’s ex-wife  Katie McLaughlin  is speaking out, and now she’s serving Subway a special delivery of her own in the form of a lawsuit! “Finding out that Subway did not act upon at least one complaint while continuing to utilize […]

  • promo301609194

    Selena Inducted Into Texas Women’s Hall of Fame

    DENTON — A long overdue honor for native Texan and music legend Selena Quintanilla Perez! The late Tejano singer has been inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of fame! It’s about time, right? Bidi bidi bom bom!! Governor Greg Abbott honored the Queen of Tejano Music, along with four other ladies, at Texas Women’s University in Denton. Proud to induct Selena into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame. #txlege @SelenaLaLeyenda — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) October 22, 2016 The join dozens […]

  • Halloween Jack o Lantern pail with spilling candy, above view on a rustic wood background

    6 Of The Worst Treats Given On Halloween By People Who Hate Fun

    If you pass out any of these on Halloween, you deserve whatever wrath that befalls your front yard at the hands of the neighbor kids. Carrots @darrenrovell Best Halloween giveaway ever — Jake Nabat™ (@JakeNabat) November 1, 2013 When did you give up on life and humanity? Change This happened several times when I was a kid. Maybe you ran out of candy and are emptying the change jar in desperation. Or maybe you’re evil incarnate that wasn’t able to […]

  • promo301247275

    Flower Mound Realtor Gets Heat For Having Trump Name

    FLOWER MOUND — Jim Trump is a member of the Trump Realty team in Flower Mound. And yes, that’s his real name. With the election coming up, Jim’s last name has been getting him a lot of attention — both good and bad. Jim says he was recently in a grocery store and the cashier nearly refused to ring up his groceries after reading his name badge. Tensions eased after Jim’s business partner assured the cashier they were no relation to […]

  • hillary-protest-daily-news

    See It: Fights Break Out Over Naked Hillary Clinton Statue in NY

    MANHATTAN, N.Y. — People outside the Bowling Green Subway Station in downtown Manhattan were battling over a naked statue of Hillary Clinton during Tuesday’s morning commute. The obscene statue was put on display by 27-year-old artist Anthony Scioli during Tuesday morning commuter rush hour, according to Daily News. The Democratic candidate was portrayed with a wild facial expression, hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker on resting his head on her bare breast. The statue didn’t stay up long, though. […]

  • apperson-zimmerman

    Zimmerman Shooter Gets 20 Years in Road Rage Case

    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Matthew Apperson has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for a road rage incident involving George Zimmerman, the Seminole County State Attorney’s office in Florida said. Apperson was convicted of attempted 2nd-degree murder in September. He fired a shot at George Zimmerman in the 2015 incident. Zimmerman became a controversial figure in 2012 when he fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin. The case prompted national debates about the use of firearms for self-defense, as well as […]

  • promo300838305

    Texas Inmate Released Because His Medical Bills are Too High


  • Credit: John Harvey/
Texas Tribune

    Record 15 Million Texans Registered to Vote, Way More Are Democrats

    by Texas Tribune A record-breaking 15 million Texans are registered to vote in the upcoming November election, the secretary of state’s office announced Thursday. As the Tribune’s Alex Samuels reports, this figure amounts to 78 percent of the state’s voting-age population and more than 1.3 million additional registered voters from four years ago. Alicia Pierce, a spokeswoman for the secretary of state, previously told the Dallas Morning News that the spike in registered voters could be attributed to high interest in […]

  • terence-crutcher

    Terence Crutcher had PCP In His System When Tulsa Cop Killed Him, Police Say

    TULSA — The man shot and killed by an Oklahoma police officer was on drugs sometime before the fatal encounter, according to the Tulsa Police Department. Terence Crutcher had traces of PCP in his system when he died, according to a toxicology report. Investigators said the presence of the drug may be used to support that Crutcher was acting erratically and ignoring the officers’ instructions, but the report does not prove Crutcher was experiencing the symptoms of the drug when the […]