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  • Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr., is one of six Baltimore, Maryland police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Gray was arrested by Baltimore police on April 12, 2015 and died on April 19. Goodson, the driver of the transport van in which prosecutors say Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury on Thursday June 9, 2016 will become the third of six officers to go on trial.

    Baltimore Van Driver Acquitted in Freddie Gray Case

    BALTIMORE, Md. — A key verdict in the Freddie Gray Trial. It’s a “not guilty” verdict for the Baltimore cop who drove the van in where Gray was fatally injured. Officer Caesar Goodson was cleared of all seven charges, including second-degree depraved-heart murder. The judge found no evidence of Officer Goodson giving Gray a so-called “rough ride.” It’a  big blow to the prosecution. Of the six officers charged in the case, Goodson faced the most serious charge. He’s the third officer acquitted […]

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    Rapping Flight Attendant Is a Hit With Southwest Airlines Passengers

    When Southwest Airlines flight attendant used to give pre-flight instructions, passengers would tune out and glaze over. Not anymore.  

  • flesh eating bacteria man

    Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Galveston Beach

    ***Video contains graphic image GALVESTON — A warning if you plan on taking a trip down to Galveston. A Houston man contracted a flesh-eating bacteria that took his leg after visiting the beach in Galveston. 50-year-old Brian Parrott says he was only in the water for a short period of time on June 12 with his family. But the next day, he got really sick. “You go swimming with your family on Sunday, you go to work on Monday, you have a red […]

  • netflixdown

    Netflix is Back Up, You Can Stop Freaking Out Now!

    You can now get back to your #NetflixAndChill. Netflix is back up and running. You can stop freaking out… #Netflix is back up & running — CW33 (@CW33) June 21, 2016 Thank you for your patience. The previous issues have been resolved. Happy streaming! — Netflix CS (@Netflixhelps) June 21, 2016 But the massive failure Monday had binge-craving viewers freaking out and, of course, flocking to Twitter to complain. Me the first 10 minutes Netflix was down. — […]

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    Look Up! Rare ‘Strawberry Moon’ Glows Tonight on Summer Solstice

    It’s “summer, summer, summertime!” Yep, this Monday brings the summer solstice — the first day of summer. And as if this day wasn’t already a wonderful excuse to run outside, we’ve got another sweet treat. Monday will also feature a full “Strawberry” moon. The name comes from the belief that strawberry-picking season is at its peak during this time of the year. Monday’s full moon, which is also called the Mead Moon or the Rose Moon, is the only night in […]

  • Cop Delivers Baby

    Dallas Cop Delivers Baby on Side of I-35

    DALLAS — We’ve seen it in movies and soon-to-be moms everywhere fear it will happen to them — being forced to deliver their baby in the car on the side of the highway. Well, that became reality for a Dallas woman this week. Senior Corporal Rocky Munster was driving northbound on I-35E when a woman flagged him down. He approached the car and found Aysha Iddeen-Wade in the backseat… in labor. Forget a doctor, this baby was coming NOW! So, […]

  • marines

    Marines Under Investigation for Snapchat Threat Against Gay Bars

    Two California-based Marines are under investigation for allegedly threatening an Orlando-style attack on gay bars. “Coming to a gay bar near you,” the Snapchat picture caption reads. It shows an unidentified Marine holding a rifle with his finger on the trigger. Source: Facebook The snap was posted on a private Camp Mendleton forum on Facebook, which has more than 25,000 members. It’s since been removed, but the Marine Corp isn’t taking this lightly. The First Marine Expeditionary Force has launched an […]

  • trump dallas1

    Trump Lovers, Protesters & Police Take on Dallas Rally

    DALLAS — Whether you’re Team Trump or Dump Trump, the day many North Texans have been anticipating all week is here — #TrumpInDallas. Donald Trump hit the stage Thursday night at Gilley’s in Dallas to a packed crowd inside and outside. And he got right to it. “I am so looking forward to it, the debate with crooked Hillary. I assume she’s going to be allowed to run.” Burn! Next up, he went after President Obama’s response to the recent […]

  • tupac mtv

    That Time Tupac Blasted Trump in This Unseen MTV Interview

    Tupac -- a lyrical genius well ahead of his time.

  • NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 24:  Reporter Geraldo Rivera appears on the "FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series at FOX Studios on August 24, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

    Geraldo Rivera to Orlando Victims: ‘For God’s Sakes, Fight Back!’

    ORLANDO — Geraldo Rivera is getting blasted for shaming the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre. He says it’s clear they didn’t do enough to save themselves. “When you’re in that situation and you have no weapons, you have two choices. If you can’t hide and you can’t run, you have two choices. You stay and die, or you fight. For God’s sake, fight back. Fight back.” Wow. Rivera made the comments while Fox & Friends live from Orlando on Monday morning. And […]