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  • Deadly Crash: Pilot Died After Plane Hit Near Two Seagoville Homes

    SEAGOVILLE, Texas—“It’s not something you’d expect to have happen right in the middle of cooking dinner…having a plane crash next to you,” Seagoville resident Fred Baugh said. But it did.  After 6 o’clock Thursday evening, a small plane crashed near this Seagoville house.  The pilot—killed. “Very scary and sad,” neighbor, Randy Neely said.  “Especially a week before Christmas.” The flight pattern on Flight Aware showed multiple loops before the terrible crash.  Now, these neighbors are left picking up the pieces. […]

  • Google is Worth the Entire Russian Stock Market

    Due to the recent dip in oil prices, Russia's currency, the ruble, has plummeted in value, leading President Vladimir Putin to lash out Thursday during his annual press conference. He blamed the West for his country's terrible economy and at one point vowed that the 'Russian bear wouldn't become a stuffed animal.'

  • Child Porn Suspect Claims 100+ Sex Assaults, 42,000 pics

    Police documents detail child sex and porn allegations against two men in Tarrant County.

  • Pop Roulette

    Honest 2014 Christmas Songs

    Improve group Pop Roulette re-mixes holiday classics to give a fun 2014 year in review.

  • The-Interview-movie

    Hackers Win: Sony Pulls Plug on ‘The Interview,’ N. Korea to Blame?

    WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. investigators say an announcement could come as early as Thursday pinning the blame on North Korea for the mega Sony hack. Sony pulled the plug Wednesday on “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of North Korea’s leader, after hackers threatened a 9/11 style attack on any theater where the movie is playing. The threat forced a planned New York premiere to be called off. Major theater companies also postponed or canceled next week’s showing. “In light of […]

  • Dakota Nafzinger

    School Punishes Blind Child by Replacing Cane With Pool Noodle

    Dakota’s father, Donald Nafzinger, said his son lifts his cane sometimes and the bus driver thought he was using it violently.

  • quake

    Did You Feel That One? Another Quake Hits Irving

    IRVING, Texas — Seriously, what the heck is going on?! Another earthquake shook things up in Irving Wednesday afternoon. The USGS reports this one as a 2.6 magnitude, once again near the old Texas Stadium in Irving. It’s the latest shaking and rattling in a series of tremors in the Irving area in the past month. 12th earthquake in Dallas in the past 2 months. I don't like this. Go away. — Amy! (@amymillah) December 17, 2014 EARTHQUAKE IN NORTH […]

  • pilar1

    Deion Drama: Pilar Sanders Sentenced to a Week in Jail

    MCKINNEY, Texas — The latest round of Deion and Pilar Sanders drama ends with Pilar being locked up in the Collin County Jail for a week. She’s being held on contempt of court charges. According to the Dallas Morning News, Pilar was taken into custody Tuesday morning for failing to return her kids to Deion as required under their custody agreement. The judge originally sentenced her to 30 days, then suspended the sentence. But as part of her probation, Pilar […]

  • Parents Of Journalist Slain By ISIL Light Menorah Candle In His Honor

    Spin the Dreidel: Happy Hanukkah

    Light up the spirit. It’s Hanukkah! Jewish communities around the world kick off an eight-day celebration Tuesday night that includes lots of fun stuff that includes lighting the Menorah, spinning the dreidel and eating latkes.

  • Online Shopping Bidding Amazon

    Procrastinators, Rejoice! Amazon Extends Free Holiday Shipping

    Amazon has extended its free shipping for Christmas Eve delivery until December 19. That’s  two days later than last year!