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  • Irving park can connect to your smartphone while you play

    IRVING–After  20 long years, Luzon Park in Irving is about to hit the “glo-up.” The city is moving forward with several updates to the equipment, and this park is getting smart. As a part of the new renovations, the park will be able to work along with a free app on your smartphone to offer interactive options while you play. “There’s been a lot of excitement,” said Andrew Harmon, who lives nearby. “So, it’ll be interesting to see how well […]

  • See It: North Texas soldier surprises mom after 9-month tour overseas

    ROYSE CITY–Here’s a story that’ll hit you right in the feels. US Army Sgt. Rebecca Zernick might be safe from buying Mother’s Day presents for a while. A few days ago, she came home and surprised her mom out at Hawaiian Falls Garland after serving a nine-month tour in Kuwait. “The day that I surprised her, she sent me a text that said ‘I don’t know where you’re at, but I hope you’re safe,'” Zernick said. While Zernick is always […]

  • Website tracks active hate groups in Texas

    DALLAS — How well do you know your neighbors? The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has put together a map revealing active hate groups around the country, digging up several right here in north Texas. “This day in time, I think that it should be over by now,” said resident Robert Robinson. “But there’s probably always going to be some hate in the world.” The SPLC has hits for about a dozen different hate groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, […]

  • Pay Up! Molly the Trolley in Fort Worth is now charging fares

    FORT WORTH — There’s one chick who runs the streets in Fort Worth: Molly the Trolley. Molly’s been the “go-to-girl” for a free ride around town for years, but now she’s done letting people run all over her, and she’s telling you to pay up! Two dollars will get you one fare, or you can cruise all day for five bucks. “That will cover a small portion of the operating expenses,” said Laura Hanna of the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. […]

  • Texas bill will restrict health insurance coverage on abortions

    AUSTIN, TX– If you’re buying health insurance, you may need to think ahead. Texas senators have a bill that would remove abortion coverage from health insurance policies, making it an elective that would need to be purchased separately. Senator Brandon Creighton is backing the bill saying… “Texas should take steps to prohibit taxpayer dollars from subsidizing elective abortions and employers should have the freedom to choose whether or not they provide this coverage’.” Democratic lawmakers say most insurance plans don’t […]

  • Dallas Emergency Management updates technology used during disasters

    DALLAS–The Dallas Office of Emergency Management is making sure that if disaster strikes, you’ll be safe. “It helps us have a more efficient response,” said Kevin Oden, the assistant emergency management coordinator. “If someone has a pet, we have a spot for the pet in the pet shelter.” Back when Katrina hit, the crew put together a huge effort to house evacuees. Now they say their emergency technology system is better than ever. In a quick minute, crews are able […]

  • Fort Worth dog goes missing during carjacking

    FORT WORTH–For Pam Wilson, the past five days have been an emotional rollercoaster. “Pinki was in the car and I came out, and the guy was getting in my car and driving away,” Wilson said. Wilson was carjacked after she ran into a convenience store near her home. But the suspect didn’t just make off with her car. He also rode away with her five-year-old terrier, Pinki. “She’s just as sweet as she can be,” Wilson said. “God forbid if […]

  • Sweet relief! App lets you know when to go pee during movies

    DALLAS — We’ve all been there. Squirming in our seats at the movies looking for the perfect time to hit the bathroom without missing “the good part.” Now an app called RunPee is here to help. It tells you the best time to go number one, and how much time you have to spend on the porcelain throne without missing an important scene. “You pick out the movie that you’re going to see, and it’ll usually give you two to […]